g27 logitech

  1. teze

    G27 stuck in calibration

    So, awhile ago my g27 had some issues with the optical encoder, so I moved the sensor a little closer to the encoder and the problem was fixed, but then some weeks later, my steering wheel died, everything was normal but no steering, and the shifter lights were blinking, then I unplugged and...
  2. raceno123

    DiRT Rally 2.0 New Player - What should my settings for G27 be?

    Best Settings for G27? Hey guys, so I finally decided to grab this game and give it a try. I have been hesitant as I am not that great of a driver and was afraid I wouldn't be able to have fun with it. However I loaded up the game yesterday and tried a couple of settings for G27 I found online...
  3. FranciscoTerceiro

    Rev LEDs not working on G27

    Hi, everyone. A few weeks ago I decided to buy GTR 2. I had been playing Race 07 for the past couple of months and wanted to test SimBin's older games. Anyway, the rev LEDs were working on both games. However, a couple of days ago I installed to GTR 2 some add-on cars and tracks. The FFB started...
  4. FranciscoTerceiro

    Rev LEDs not working on my G27

    Hi, everyone. A few weeks ago I decided to give GTR 2 a try 'cause I had played Race 07 and wanted to know how the older game was. Anyway, my G27 was working absolutely fine with the LEDs running on both games. A couple of days ago I decided to install to GTR 2 some mods that I had found at...
  5. M

    Bad deadzone on G27

    On straight lines, the wheel is just dead, I get no information about the asphalt, no vibration at all so it feels as if im floating. Only when im going really fast when the camera sharts shaking I get some input, but the first 3 gears on the ASR Mclaren MP4 for example that I just tried on...