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Moving from UK to Italy with 8020 sim rig

Guys I'm looking for options for my big move. Let me explain a bit: I've been living in the UK for 4 years and in the meantime I bought a 8020 Simlab GT1 Evo. This summer at the end of June I decided to move back to my country, Italy, and I need to find a way to send securely my sim rig. Now, I tried to calculate from various international parcel companies such as UPS, Parcelforce, DHL etc. but they all tell me that my parcel, even if I disassemble it, is too big. I'm sure there are options, but I can't find online any example of people doing the same and I'm lost among numerous websites for parcels deliveries. Did anyone here in Racedepartment do a similar thing? Any suggestion, experience to share to give me a little bit of hope? I would like to prepare everything in time and have peace in my mind knowing that my precious staff will travel safe!
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Hi. Forget parcel couriers, you need an international pallet delivery.

If its less than 120cm you will get away with a half pallet - but if more you will be looking at a double/oversized pallet. There is nothing to stop you from sending it vertically to fit on a single pallett, but you will need to securely strap it down.

You'll need to be able to get it to the kerbside for the pallet truck - but I've moved some large objects using them and IMO they are generally better than regular couriers - and much cheaper!

You'll find loads of options and quotes through a search engine.

Good luck with the move btw, sorry to see Europeans go. Half of us Brits want you to stay :)
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Thank you for your very kind answer :) I’ll have a look at that. It was in my original plan to go back to my country but the combo of Covid and Brexit speeded things up a lot. Many of the advantages I had staying here in London disappeared all of a sudden, and now unfortunately I don’t have anything that pushes me to stay. PS: I will probably ask you other things in the next days if you don’t mind :D


To save some money and avoid the need to use a pallet, you might consider selling the longest profile exrusions in the UK, shipping the plates and connector along with the remainder of the extrusions, and buying new long extrusions in Italy.
Might be cheaper to sell the rig secondhand and buy a new one when you move back, I recently moved from the UK to Belgium but I drove my rig dismantled in my car which was a pain in itself