1. Yann H

    #3 Topcats Racing 1.01

    Livery 2022 for #9 Topcats Racing Skin for Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo EVO by The Rollover.
  2. rmi_wood

    Silverstone 1975 1.05

    features: 26 grid/pit w/AI CSP features working clock classic styling credits: @senormen for rF2 model @rmi_wood for conversion @racealot for cams @CrisT86 for extended lighting, TV cams and seasonal adjustments @leBluem for help with working clock hands @shin956 for testing and misc...
  3. GeekyDeaks

    Sell Free to pickup: Old gameracer rig

    I'm not sure anyone here is really going to be interested in this, but I figured I'd put it on just in case. Sometimes it's really nice to be wrong. Looks like it's already found a new home :D I'm having a tidy up and getting rid of my original rig if anyone near fancies popping over to pick...
  4. Billy Mann

    BRM Racing Sportscar Sprint Season 3

    BRM Racing is proud to announce Season 3 of the Sportscar Sprint, starting 31st July! Race Format - Car Classes are LMP1, LMP2 and GTE. The format for race meetings is a short drivers briefing followed by 60 minutes of practise (All Classes), 15 minutes Qualifying (GT's Only), 15 minutes...
  5. sb_lol

    GB Motorsport (Great Britain) 1.1

    So the story line has actually two ways how to play it... 1. You play it like a new team. (basic my team) 2. You play it the original way I planed to and thats after bankrupt -> you’ve been put under administration of Great Britain new national motor sport team GB Motorsport that already been...
  6. D

    Sell Reverb G2 w/ Controllers For Sale £600 - UK

    Hi there, I am looking to sell my Reverb G2 with Controllers to any users in the UK - £600 including fully insured postage. I had sold it last month on ebay to somebody who had compatibility issues with their setup, fortunately for me they were a genuine buyer who returned everything...
  7. Michele Esposito

    Moving from UK to Italy with 8020 sim rig

    Guys I'm looking for options for my big move. Let me explain a bit: I've been living in the UK for 4 years and in the meantime I bought a 8020 Simlab GT1 Evo. This summer at the end of June I decided to move back to my country, Italy, and I need to find a way to send securely my sim rig. Now, I...
  8. RedWolf55

    Red Bull Carlin UK Livery 2021-03-10

    Hi again, This livery is the same that the other livery that i released earlier @only_me99 requested me to add british sponsors (I added BlackBerry, British Airways and Raleigh) so there it is. Preview : If you don't know what to do, watch this video. F1 2020 CUSTOM LIVERY TUTORIAL...
  9. ArtursBondars

    Adventure Park Kartworld - Watergrasshill Playground 1.0

    Adventure Park Kartworld is a playground with 3 real life tracks from Watergrasshill and 2 imaginary tracks added so in one complex you get a playground with 5 unique tracks for more fun. Great for drifting with friends, RX and circuit races. Tracks are joined via small roads. Enjoy! You need...
  10. Whalenap

    RTSH Pennzoil AMR V12 Vantage 1.2

    This livery is a fictionnal skin designed as a tribute for Pennzoil liveries. As an absolute fan of yellow agressive designs for race cars, I hope you will enjoy this skin as much as I enjoyed crafting it ! HOW TO USE : To install this skin, simply extract the downloaded archive in the...
  11. enkay74

    BTCC 2019 21 car skin pack 1.0

    This pack contains 21 new skins to try and recreate the 2019 BTCC season. In addition to the 2 Audi's already present in Shaun Clarke's BTCC pack it means a 23 car grid with 2019 liveries is possible. Pack includes driver suit, pit crew and driver helmets for all teams Some of the cars...
  12. R

    Harewood Speed Hillclimb 1.31

    Thanks for downloading! This is a work in progress and as such there will be bugs and glitches I am unaware of! you can reach me on instagram - @riot_2zz Thumbnail image courtesy of @simmy_photography Marshal image courtesy of Wendy @ PWpics Enjoy the thrill of the hill! Length: 1433m Pits...
  13. W

    Zigzag Hill Beta 0.2

    this is very very early stage, just the track basically
  14. Tom Blackett

    Rockingham Motor Speedway oval cams (Legion) 2019-09-29

    Cams for Rockingham Oval (UK)
  15. Sektor224

    Physics Someone who can upgrade the TVR Cerbera Speed 12 racing car to the 2002 version.

  16. shadow118

    Mini Cooper Austin Powers 3.0

    Austin Powers' Mini Cooper (I'm just gonna ignore the fact that he had the new Mini in the movie :D) Update 2.0: The Mini Cooper Mod got re-re-released, so I updated the livery to work with that. If you want the skins for the deleted mods, just download Version 1.0 Update 3.0: Redid the livery...
  17. bodyx

    Ferrari 488 GT3 - Nations Team UK 1.0

    Hello everybody! I present you this livery that I created for Assetto Corsa: the Nations Team UK livery for the Ferrari 488 GT3. I hope you like it! Thanks in advance to all of you who will download this livery!!! INSTALLATION Open the zip file you downloaded which includes the...
  18. brettbolger

    Driftland uk 2019 2019-03-08

    Driftland uk, Made this track from scratch to learn 3ds max. track should be pretty much to scale. textures may be alittle off as struggled with them.