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Mods can´t be installed on server

Hello guys,
yesterday I purchased my first server for AC (just for me & friends). Eventually I managed to get everything to work, except for modded cars (and also tracks). The problem is that many mods dont have the data.acd file, which is mandatory for the installation on the server.
So if I add a modded car to the entry list, and u try to join with this car, the game says 'Selected car isnt available' (even if it obviously is and no one is on the server atm)
I couldn´t find any solution in all the threads i read so far. But there must be a way to install mods, which don´t have the "data" file (I mean I played on many servers using this kind of modded cars/tracks). Do u guys know a way to install these?

(I am using an external server, not my own PC)



With manual hosting you don't need to upload anything to the server except the folder name (including the data lets it do a check that users connecting aren't cheating) and you can also include an unencrypted data folder, so it sorta sounds like it's an issue that whatever host you use isn't set up to allow mod cars.
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Ok thx for ur help. I did the stuff u guys suggested. By now I also think it's a problem with the host.
Likely to switch the host in the near future....