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  1. P

    SimView v0.6

    Live leader-board and statistics Web App for Assetto Corsa Currently in very early stage and far from complete but under continuous development. Would be a valuable tool for communities/league of any size. It need to be setup by server admin on machine (Windows and Linux servers both...
  2. N

    Checksum errors when running a server

    So, me and my mate wanted to do some racing around Spa in some GT3 cars to have some fun now that Sol can make a server run at night time. I hosted the server through content manager, set up two cars (Z4 and AMG) and set the track to spa at night. I was able to join just fine, but my mate...
  3. sti228

    AC - Host Server

    Hello. First time i bought host here: and i don't understand what to do. I connect support but no answer yet. How i can start my server ? I can't find it in AC... Can someone help me ? Also want to edit custom cars and track but don't understand how. How to...