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Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by AceOfShades, Jul 21, 2016.

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    I just got into F1 and bought F1 2013 so I could get somewhat decent before F1 2016. I've started to mod the game and got the 2016 Season Mod by Skyfall. Then, I also tried to install the Volkswagen Team mod, and it worked, but it also got rid of all the changes made by the 2016 Season Mod. I also tried installing the Maserati Team mod; this also worked but it also removed the Volkswagen team mod. I thought it might be because when you copy & paste the entire 'cars' folder from the mod file, it would refresh the other car files, so I tried taking each .pssg file individually out of the mod folder, but that didn't work either. Is this just a limitation of the game or am I doing it wrong?

    (I have the steam version btw)

    I also have another question unrelated to modding. I can't seem to set up my car (camber, fuel, strategy, all that stuff), and only get the 'Quick Car Setup' option, which only allows me to scale a slider from a 1-5 range (1 being the highest downforce, 5 being the lowest), and nothing else. This may be a by-product of me playing on the lowest difficulty (because I'm a noob), anyone know why this is?
    Thanks in advance.
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    Generally you can't mix mods unless you know what you are doing. Many of them use (and modify) the same game content, whether that's a car skin on a certain chassis, or the game's driver database.

    This is particularly true when using a 'Season Mod'. A season mod will normally contain all the cars skins, driver database, and many other things that make up that 'season'

    I don't have F1 2013 installed anymore. To open up your car settings and all that, you may have to switch on 'Parc Ferme' rules in the race/game settings.

    If it is due to the 'noob' settings as you describe, then try a higher level then modify (turn off/on) individual settings (like autogears, racing line) to get what you want, so you are using custom settings

    My memory the F1 2013's setting menu is a bit rusty now :)

    EDIT: BTW if you have made hash of your F1 2013 folder and files with multi-modding, you should verify your game cache via Steam to get all your original files back.

    If you don't know how to do this, check out the sticky thread linked below, reading the paragraph that starts 'How to check or repair your game files if you have problems (PC)'

    Sticky thread here
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  3. AceOfShades


    Thanks a lot. I've learned that the models actually don't delete each other, but the drivers and menu logos do. It looks like you're picking McLaren Mercedes, but it's the McLaren Honda car, And I've discovered something. The computer screen. It allows you to edit the setup. I feel like an idiot lol.
  4. theforce media

    theforce media

    I also struggled with this when I started modding.

    If two separate mods include the same files (e.g. 'database.BIN' file), then one will overwrite the other.
    If you wish to combine them, you will need to learn how to modify the files yourself. Or find someone to do it for you ;D
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