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LUT file for the G29


Ever since I've got my wheel I've been having problems with it (connectivity issues, FFB not working in some games, pedal problems), mainly because of Logitech's shitty software. The problem I'm facing is that everytime I try to generate the CSV file in WheelCheck, the first ~10 values are always super different from eachother. They range from 15 to -120 and I don't know which ones are right. I read somewhere that if I get a lot of different values everytime, my wheel might be defective. Is this true? Also, WheelCheck is a 5 years oldnow, and I was wondering that it just might be outdated? Either way, if anyone could provide me with a LUT file for the G29 I'd appreciate it a lot. Thanks!

Ah, and my wheel makes this loud clunk sound when it's turned more agressively or when there's a lot of force in play (for example idling in a car, not moving) and you turn it left and right. Is this normal?
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