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KTM Release Official Free X-Bow GT4 Mod For Assetto Corsa


Have just had another look at this. I didn't check the installer, but the ZIP file link in post #12 is now working. (That may be what the posts above this were actually saying, but they confused the heck out of me :roflmao:)
Beware that there's a small issue with the last uploaded file, it's not exactly the same latest package that was previously available. It's mainly missing the wiper animation.

The previous updated file (77.4MB) had animation and skin folders dated 26/7/20 instead of 23/7/20 (81.1MB).
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@garyjpaterson just wanted to drop a note and say this is one of the best driving cars in AC. Period. The FFB on the car is the definition of giving you fine details of what each axle is going through along with being able to balance the car weight to great finesse.

You can jump into this car after being away from it for months and get up to speed right away. That comes down to how well the entire car communicates back to the driver.

while a bit from the past, not many cars give you confidence to attack the hill at Bathurst but being able to feel so connected to the car at all times, it made the track feel easy.
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