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F1 2020 Just some modding questions, new to F1 2020

F1 2020 The Game (Codemasters)
Hello, i bought F1 2020 recently and i want to change some cosmetics for My Team Career. First of all i want to make a custom helmet (i have some experiene with helmet mods as i used to create a couple in f1 2018 tho which was cracked and i didnt have to worry about being banned because i couldnt play online anyway) but i also want to play multiplayer. Also i want to change the car's livery, the team logo and lastly the team suits but have no experince on how to do that so any help would be greatly appreciated. Again i can desing all the stuff i want in photoshop but i dont know how to intall them properly (except for helmets) and i want to know if installing any custom liveries would prevent me using the online functions of the game. Thanks a lot for any help