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  1. P

    F1 2020 F1 2020 custom livery question (my career mode)

    Don't know whether this has been asked or not but I've designed the livery, it's up an running into the game without any issues besides the color. I chose white as the base color of the livery and for whatever reason it turns out to be grey in-game. I then edited the color of another stock...
  2. T

    F1 2020 Just some modding questions, new to F1 2020

    Hello, i bought F1 2020 recently and i want to change some cosmetics for My Team Career. First of all i want to make a custom helmet (i have some experiene with helmet mods as i used to create a couple in f1 2018 tho which was cracked and i didnt have to worry about being banned because i...
  3. ardieksanusi

    Ducati Garuda Indonesia Livery for Career Mode 1.0

    I make this skin just for fun, Thanks.