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Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor
In the last two weeks RaceDepartment started our very first Discord channel, and it is with great pleasure that we can now announce we surpassed the first 10,000 users milestone - come join in the fun with the fastest growing Discord sim racing community.

RaceDepartment Discord - Your place to talk sim racing in real time : Click Here
  • New sim racing specific RaceDepartment Discord channel
  • Over 10,000 members in first 2 weeks
  • Join in for live chat and community support
Thursday 2nd July 2020 is a date in the diary moment for us here at RaceDepartment, as we celebrate the fantastic milestone of surpassing 10,000 members joining our brand new RaceDepartment Discord channel. Thank you so much to our outstanding community for setting sail with us on this new adventure - to reach such an incredible figure in just two weeks has exceeded even our wildest expectations. We are exceptionally humbled by the enthusiasm displayed by our wonderful community, thank you.

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Click here to join RaceDepartment on Discord

A message from our CEO and Founder, Bram Hengeveld:

Hi guys,
I just want to start by saying thank you for your continued support on, We are 16 years old this year and we continue to enjoy serving the sim racing community with news, resources and racing.
The addition of our own Discord server is a positive step in the future of RaceDepartment as we too love the platform for the fun casual conversations that happen in real time.
You already have the ability to receive your RD notifications through Discord by syncing your RD account to your Discord account, but this is just the start. We have some exciting integrations with the RaceDepartment website which will mean people can get answers to questions quicker than ever before.
Thank you once again to those whom have already joined us on Discord and we look forward to seeing more of you guys there soon.
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A place to ask questions and get answers quickly
  • Moderators needed
  • Social hangout with shared knowledge base
  • New Question and Answers Feature
RaceDepartment On Discord, Now And In The Future

We envisage the new RaceDepartment Discord channel will be a place for the community to to talk about sim racing in real time, both in voice and written form. As we continue to review and develop our Discord presence, keep you eyes peeled for sophisticated integration between the website and Discord platform, where we look to help the community have both a great time, and access a powerful and extensive knowledge base of all things virtual motorsport.

A place to hang out, a place to chat and share memes and funny stories, a place for the community.

Want Quick Answers? Have A Question? New Feature Alert!

In a bid to help our community get to answers to those burning questions more quickly, and tap into the incredible knowledge base we have within the RaceDepartment family, we are developing a a cool new feature where you can post a question in the RaceDepartment 'Quick Questions and Answers' sub forum, and it will automatically populate an alert in Discord asking for someone to reply if they have the solution.

Quick Questions and Answers Forum | Click Here

We envisage this will help our users get access to the answers they are looking for in a more timely fashion, letting you get back to doing what matters most more quickly - racing! Over time, this functionality will be updated to include an up and down voting feature and markings for question status. In order to retain an archive of searchable knowledge for the sim racing community in years to come, resolved questions will then be moved into the relevant sub forum here at RaceDepartment.

Looking For Moderators

As our active and knowledgeable Discord community continues to expand, we are on the lookout for individuals who wish to join the team to become dedicated RaceDepartment Discord moderators. If you feel like this might be a position for you, please do drop us a line on, or contact @Bram Hengeveld via Discord DM to express your interest.

Again folks, it has been incredible to see how enthusiastic you are to join RD on this new medium of communication, and we look forward to building one of the strongest and most enjoyable sim racing Discord communities, together. Thank you.

RaceDepartment. By the community, for the community.

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Cote Dazur

SIM Addict
Is 10,000 a lot? I am not that familiar with Discord, I am using it to chat with friends while racing online but as an information channel, I find it very confusing and not well organized. What would I get on the Discord I am not already getting on the forum?
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Is 10,000 a lot? I am not that familiar with Discord, I am using it to chat with friends while racing online but as an information channel, I find it very confusing and not well organized. What would I get on the Discord I am not already getting on the forum?
It's not meant to replace anything from the forum. It's just a place to hangout and talk sims in real time. Also the voice channels are quite handy when racing.


I think you could make it much more community-friendly by reworking the channels available... but this is a great start! If you broke down the server by sim a little bit I think it would go a long way. (Dedicated AC rooms, rF2 rooms, etc.)

But for being 2 weeks post-launch, I'd say so far so good.
Firstly congrats on the 10K members , but think RD may have underestimated the growth in the Discord. At the time of this posting you have 1300 online but no admin logged in ? (edit 1 staff online)
Your gonna need whole new dedicated team to run this properly 24x7. The channels will need a major overhaul with expanding the topics,as at the moment it's a frenzy of random postings in too fewer channels. I hope you find your feet and your Discord has every success as the forum has achieved over the years. And no I can't step up to the plate for moderator as I'm committed already, some of you may know were to find me. ;)

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