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  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Join RaceDepartment On Discord | Over 10,000 Members Already Have

    In the last two weeks RaceDepartment started our very first Discord channel, and it is with great pleasure that we can now announce we surpassed the first 10,000 users milestone - come join in the fun with the fastest growing Discord sim racing community. RaceDepartment Discord - Your place to...
  2. barf

    barf's Discord server bridge 1.2.1

    This is a simple Python script I made which wraps around the Assetto Corsa server executable to parse the stdout and send Discord notifications using WebHooks. It passes stdout through and so should hopefully work OK with things like sTracker and AC server manager etc. It requires a Steam API...
  3. Scarystuff

    Apps Request for an app that shows who speaks on Discord

    Discord have a really nice overlay that shows you who is speaking in voice chat, but of course that overlay only works with flat screens, not in VR. So I think a simple app that fetches the profile pic from discord api and shows who is speaking in a small app window would be immensely useful...
  4. Morgan Gardner

    SimHub Discord Rich Presence Plugin 2

    SimHub Discord Rich Presence Plugin With this plugin, SimHub will show game stats on your Discord profile. Discord will show that you are playing SimHub, with game details such as the sim title being played, car/track names, best laptime and current position being displayed for your friends...
  5. C

    Project Cars 2 Official Discord Channel Now Open.

    Just a heads up for those who use discord that SMS has an official discord channel now for Project Cars 2. You can talk to the dev's directly as they are there as well as Ian Bell :) Thread about the discord channel...
  6. Scarystuff

    [Mod request] App for VR to emulate Discord overlay

    Is it possible to make an app that shows the same info as the Discord overlay does in flatscreen games, but as a normal app ingame so people using VR can also see who is in the same voice channel and who is speaking? And if someone could maybe hack something like that together, I would be very...