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  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Join RaceDepartment On Discord | Over 10,000 Members Already Have

    In the last two weeks RaceDepartment started our very first Discord channel, and it is with great pleasure that we can now announce we surpassed the first 10,000 users milestone - come join in the fun with the fastest growing Discord sim racing community. RaceDepartment Discord - Your place to...
  2. Simracing.GP

    New esports platform aims to be an umbrella service for racing games

    Simracing.GP - a new online platform for simracing esports - aims to improve the experience of competitive multiplayer racing, bringing it a step closer to the world of motorsports. The Simracing.GP platform simplifies organizing and hosting online practice sessions, single races, and...
  3. Davide Nativo

    “Nobody Wants Your Opinion”

    Threads and topics can get heated; here is how to cool them down. As of late, it is becoming more and more difficult to voice an opinion without it being almost immediately rejected by the end receiver. Having a view about something is considered, today, a problematic affair. How to voice your...
  4. ImprezAlex

    AI Level/Track Community Resource

    Inspired by Ryan Soucy's thread about AI inconsistency, and well, a lot of other threads about it too. I figured I'd make one thread where we can list all of the car/track/AI level combos that appear to cause issues. For example, we all know Silverstone is a track where the AI are notoriously...
  5. Lucian Paine

    BMW M4 JP Performance "Get Dazzle" 1.1

    BMW M4 JP Performance "Get Dazzle"-Design UPDATED VERSION 1.1 Hey guys, I need your help :-D I gonne have this Project, wich is not done yet. But the first Version is ready to download. You could help me with that Livery. For more informations go to my Blog here...