Hi from Finland

Names Jouni and used to race a lot back in rFactor1 but stopped online racing over 10y back (I think it was) Lately been running DirtRally but my rig cant run the new DR2, so thought id buy GTL as used to play it as Historics in rF. Now that im on pension got some time to play.

Im looking for my home track Keimola, as back in the early 70s went there to watch these GT Legends race there, I even drove some laps on the track on a track day under aged back then.
I signed up that German AllBeerBuddys as i noticed it was there to dl, but on an attemp to get it, it only gave a huge page of coding?????
Was wondering does anyone have as my search on the net hasnt found it anywhere to dl.

btw. slowly getting into Groove with this again and having fun.
You can find that track at on page 5 of their track collection about 2/3 down the page listed as Keimola (Update).

You will need to register on the site to download the track but they have a great selection of tracks, mods, skins and other files for GTL.

Good Luck.
Hi, thanks for answering. Yes, I did find that and registered but the dl dosnt work for me, it opens a huge page of code typing only.


You should open a dedicated thread like "GTL ONLINE EVENTS AT SIMRACING.ORG.UK" and create a new post at every event because nobody will read it here IMO ;)
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I did as you recommended this morning but thread has been moved to another forum - in fact it seems that it had been deleted, as I cannot find it anymore :(


Sorry to hear that, RD doesn't host online servers for GTL, neither for GTR2, so I don't understand why moderators have removed your thread (I could understand if RD hosted GTL/GTR2 races but it is not the case), there is no obvious conflicts of interest IMO (RD is the biggest sim racing forum so it is strange that they fear of small uk forum...). Indeed it is weird as I recall nogrip let people promote online races events from other forums like NAGP or even RD LOL, but things seem to be different here... :(
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Jon c

well, they missed the ones in here and i am superglad. ;)

I dont get why RD removes links for events of games they dont support anymore. . . . . ....
I agree, why bother removing this stuff, Just trying to keep the old sims alive and kicking. if it wasn't for these sims and modders, things wouldn't be what they are now.:p


Out of my mind ! Back in five minutes.
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