Hi from Finland

Bram Hengeveld

So now they remove post from here, wow how childish.:poop:
It's not childish neither is it ****. We have non advertising rules as our forums aren't meant to be used for advertising. You can advertise on official game developer forums instead as that is the place to recruit and have your community featured. Pretty common for all kinds of games to use the official publisher or developer website for such things.

Allowing one advertisement here means we need to allow all and our whole forum will be spammed with external links and that will never end. So to avoid all these issues from the past (we have allowed it before) there is an non-advertisement rule in place with no exceptions. It's made pretty clear in the site rules we all agreed to so we don't need to further discuss it.

If you want to recruit (old or new games) go to the official developer forums or steamforums instead as that is the common place to do it not on our forums.

And btw: I think we pretty much support GTL still with free accessible community forums, a free to use modding database and plenty of visibility while some other sites have seized to support it entirely and pulled the plug without saying a word, or don't we?

And if there is still a need to organize club or league races here with GT Legends you are one click away to shoot an email to us and apply for staff and make it happen. I doubt the userbase is still there but hey ho, give it a try.

Bram Hengeveld

So after my reply where I write that we support this game with a free forum, free download space and even free races if you wish as well and then that is your conclusion? Okay :thumbsup:

Mark Ratzenbacher

So if we can not have a friendly discussion about it and all we get it is from the mods: we make the rules, you just obey and pay without accepting objections, its probably best for all sides to chill for a moment and come to senses.

No harm done here ;)
Everybody still alive !

It´s about collaboration rather than trying to take users away from RD.

Give it a peaceful thought ! :cool:

I believe a lot of people are now using RD to get GTL stuff now that NoGrip is down.
And i packed some of my tracks here as well to increase the database. Its valueable and i dont ask or get payout for that.

It gives RD web awareness and it makes money due to increased attendance. People are using this site and that increases travel, makes revenue for ads, etc. . Some might even become premium members because of that content.

So its profit to make, or kind of shut the door.

Bram made the suggestion to organize a club event. Go ahead ! :thumbsup:
i doubt you have the staff, so why not let other sites do the job ? And share and care ! Peace !
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