Have Your Say: Tell Us Your All Time Favourite Console Racer

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  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief Staff Premium

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    RaceDepartment ask our readers to list their all time favourite top five console racing games...

    Console racing often gets overlooked by gamers who consider PC racing offerings as more of a "serious" alternative, however looking back over the years consoles have produced some of the finest racing experiences ever developed, with everything from road, race, rally, off road and rocket ships taking centre stage at one time or another.

    From the massive car collection heaven that is both Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo, the serious sim that was Race07 and some sublime simcade customisation and street racing games from the Need for Speed series, plus many others, console race fans have actually been rather spoilt for choice over the years when it comes to getting track and stage thrills.

    So the question we would like to ask you all is simple yet incredibly hard....

    What are your all time favourite top 5 racing games for console?

    Feel free to include console / PC duel release titles, and don't forget the more arcade end of the spectrum too.. this is a question regarding what you think was the best and most fun games to play, not necessarily which were the most realistic or technically advanced.

    The list we want you to compile has no time limit, so you can go as far back as the early 80's or right up to the present day, the choice is completely your own!

    Looking forward to hearing what we all come up with on this one.... :)

    Have Your Say - Tell Us Your All Time Favourite Console Racing Game - Race Driver Grid.jpg Have Your Say - Tell Us Your All Time Favourite Console Racing Game - Drive Club.jpg Have Your Say - Tell Us Your All Time Favourite Console Racing Game - Colin McRae Rally 3.jpg Have Your Say - Tell Us Your All Time Favourite Console Racing Game - GT3.jpg
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  2. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief Staff Premium

    Ok well this one is easy for me, and it has nothing to do with the game itself but more to do with where I was in life at the time.

    All time number one: Gran Turismo 2

    Reason: Had many, many, many misspend hours of my youth playing this with mates, all crammed around a small 24" TV doing time trials at the various circuits and trying to beat each others best ghost times. Countless laps at Laguna Seca have a special place in my mind even to this day. Ok it was back in the day before the likes of us had internet access, so I've no idea where we would face on a world leader board, but the way we pushed and pushed those cars I'm seriously sure we would feature in the top four or five places with ease. Properly good times back then, mixed in with lots of......... intoxicating stimulants ;) and a good time was had by all.

    Truly some of my best moments with a virtual race car, despite the obvious limitations of the software and hardware (we didn't even have a wheel and pedals!). Epic.

    Coming in hot on GT's heals in second place would be Forza, and basically for the same reasons as above. One of us picked up a new Xbox and we tried it out and fell in love, quickly rejecting good old GT and migrating lock stock over to the Forza branch of racing games. It's like back in the 60's when you were either The Beatles or Rolling Stones fans I suppose, you just had to take sides with one or the other.

    Years later when I got married and bought my own house, we put internet in and I discovered racing online with Forza (forget which one, probably number 2?), joined a small clan of sorts called Team Mature Gaming and had myself some pretty epic races over a short period. All got spoilt one day when I discovered rFactor, bought a PC and haven't touched the xbox since!

    Rounding out the podium in P3 would have to be Race 07 for me. Although it wasn't really that good compared to it's PC cousin, it in my opinion marked the first step into realistic simulation of a racing series for consoles and for that reason only it deserves big credit. Shame it never took off, as the PC game is mind blowing how good it is.

    4th comes WRC 1, because at the time on PS2 it felt superb and was the best rally experience I've had (at the time!) and provided hours of fun with some mates, plus the graphics looked really awesome for a console and it really did do a good job of making you feel part of a real rally.

    In 5th would have to be F1 97 for the original PlayStation. That was the first F1 game I owned that felt realistic (I had the old 80's ones before and some of the PC ones too), but F1 97 felt like the pinnacle of racing simulation at the time - it even had the proper timing sponsors and as real commentary!

    Great times all of those games represented, and to be frank I often think about what we have now, both in terms of software and hardware, and just feel so lucky we live in a world where this is all possible. I've said it before and I'll say it again.. sim racing is awesome people!
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  3. Will Mazeo

    Will Mazeo

    Gran Turismo 2, need for speed high stakes and porsche
    Twisted Metal from 1 to 4 (it is a racing game, right?)
    The last games I played on a console lol
  4. Jimlaad43

    Nice apex, I'll take it! Staff Premium

    F1 2009

    No seriously.
    The graphics and handling were terrible, but the gameplay was actually really fun. It had these little challenges which were incredible. Checkpoint laps around the race tracks, gates, touges and even elimination races! They were so fun. Start last at Monaco and the last car gets eliminated after 30 seconds. WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE?
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  5. Uff


    Tough question: the competition between Sega Rally on Saturn and Gran Turismo and Toca 2 on Playstation it tough!
    Even if I would probably vote for F1 1997 from Psygnosis, as that was the game that made me buy a PS1. :)
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  6. Stanislas


    Your All Time Favourite Console Racer?
    I would say Assetto Corsa PC... but MelanieUK would answer this with more background...
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  7. slingshot64


    My own would be just as above post , the only one i never owned was Gran Turismo.
    F1 1997 from Psygnosis i loved this game , Psygnosis wipeout was KING in my bedroom ha
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  8. Diabolikpt


    My favourite of all time is GT2 so many cars that you had it was stupid :p
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  9. Christian Moreau

    Christian Moreau
    Pretty Fly (For a French Fry) Premium

    Easy pick for me. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 was the first ever racing game I played and was the first game I got for my original Xbox. What a blast it was! For me, it was all about getting to that McLaren F1 in Class 1 and the awesome police chases, avoiding the spike strips and the explosive flaming barrels from the police helicopters. :D

    Wow, so much nostalgia! :inlove:

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  10. Reinhard Berger

    Reinhard Berger

    1. colin mcrea rally 2 (PS1)
    2. colin mcrea rally 1 (PS1)
    3. Gran turismo 1 + 2 (PS1)
    4. F1 (1996) and F1 97 (PS1)
    5. Toca Touring Cars 2 (PS1)

    somehow with playstation 2, the racegames gran turismo, toca touring cars (which later think DTM racer was new name) and colin mcrea did not improve and only grafic was better, and step by step i lost interest in console and so playstation 2 was last console i did buy.

    Colin mcrea rally 2 was my all time favourite...with 2/3 friends we did endless hours make championships, we did each stage times notice on paper and then we did watch which one did win a rally and which one did win the complete championship, we did sometimes drive from friday afternoon till saturday morning without break, great great times this was on late 90`s

    i had long years no video gaming, till i did buy in 2006 a computer and start with GTR/GTR2 and GTL and this was new dimension for me, till today i like GTR2 very very much.
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  11. Nick Hill

    Nick Hill

    For me, it's Gran Turismo 2.

    For all intents and purposes, it's the same game as the original Gran Turismo, just with more cars than I would have ever imagined in a video game. Played it for many, many hours in college, just grinding & upgrading. Ended up on academic probation for my troubles! It wasn't ALL the fault of GT2, but it sure as hell didn't help!!! :D
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  12. TobiasR

    Czarleeese Baygio Premium

    I put many hours into Gran Turismo 4 until my memory card broke. Great game with awesome tracks.
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  13. Kurupt CDN

    Kurupt CDN
    DirtT Tuned Motorsports Premium

    #1 Forza 3 & 4 xbox i spent hundreds of hrs playing at 2old4forza.com which I started a tuning/racing club called DirtT Tuned Racing, was really the start to my sim racing obsession
    #2 Gran turismo 2 & 3 on playstation
    #3 Race Pro xbox
    #4 Twisted metal playstaion
    #5 Road Rash Sega genesis
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  14. mr_belowski


    Gt2 was an amazing achievement on the little PlayStation and is my number one as well.

    Second is Richard Burns Rally on the original XBox. Fantastic handling and a really satisfying hard core challenge.

    Then forza4 because it's just brilliant even by today's standards

    Then Le Mans 24hr on the Dreamcast. Not perfect but incredible graphics and really solid gameplay.

    And finally PGR 2 on the original XBox. Amazing online racing, fun handling, and a huge step forward from it's predecessor
  15. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper

    Only two that I lost way too much time to!

    1. The Gran Turismo Series (mainly 2 and 3 although the track creation feature in the later versions used up endless hours of my life!)
    2. TOCA Touring Car 2. One of the best touring car titles ever. Arcadey yes, but just brilliant fun.
  16. Joshums Anderson

    Joshums Anderson

    5: Need for Speed: Carbon. Most arcade-y of the lot but I felt it was the best PS2 entry of the NFS series. Always liked playing it. Customization was ace for the time. BMW M3 and Aston DB9 were my favourite cars.
    4: Colin McRae: DiRT (the original). I liked DiRT 2 and 3, but the first game always gave me a real buzz. I loved the rally stages in it the most I think.
    3: F1 2011. I spent so much time on this when it came out. Not the best F1 game realism wise but I loved the experience.
    2: Race Driver: GRID. I got a demo of it on the PS3 when I first got mine, and was insta-hooked. Yes it's not the most realistic but I got hooked. Loved it then, love it now.
    1: Formula 1 2001 (PS2, Studio Liverpool one). Purely sentimental reasons; one of the very first games I remember playing. Crash physics were mental, cars slid around like crazy, but I loved it for what it was.
  17. Gui Cramer

    Gui Cramer

    1. Sega Rally - Sega Saturn
    2. Daytona USA - Sega Saturn
    3. F1 World Grand Prix - Nintendo 64
    4. Mario Kart 64 - Nintendo 64
    5. Hang On - Master System
    Sega Rally (E) Front.jpg sat_daytona_usa_g.jpg f1worldgrandprix1.jpg mariokart64.png hang-on-europe.png

    Honorable mentions: due to not being/playing at the same level, or for not owning them
    • Super Monaco GP - Mega Drive
    • CART Flag to Flag - DreamCast
    • Wave Race 64 - Nintendo 64
    • Cruisin' USA - Nintendo 64
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  18. GTSpeedster


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  19. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    Crash 'n' Burn on PS2. That game had amazing damage model and physics. Car customization was also fantastic. Handling was fun enough.

    F1 2006 on PS2 was also one of my favorites. I completed dozens of seasons at that game and was not bored at all.
  20. MirNet


    The shouts for F197 are a great call. The original F1 on the ps was a console game changer, it sold me on buying the console. 97 was a night and day Improvement in 'all' aspects which blew an already amazing achievement away.

    That said, I can never get over the first time I saw the first Gran Turismo running. Don't think I've ever anticipated another game release quite so much.
    It delivered in every way I hoped, amazing game. The PS1 was a tour de force in great pioneering racing game series.
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