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Germany Next Focus in Euro Truck Simulator 2 Development

ETS 2 Germany Update 6.jpg

SCS Software have confirmed ETS 2 will be getting a bit of a makeover soon, with Germany the first location to be updated to current graphical standards...

Having just deployed a major update to both ETS 2 and American Truck Simulator that adds plenty of new content and features, fans would be forgiven for thinking SCS Software would have a bit of a rest on their laurels for a while and enjoy some of the success from recent weeks.. not so.

Having long held a desire to bring the simulation fully up to the modern standards employed in recent map expansions, this impressive development team have now confirmed that work is already under way improving older sections of content, with the German region first to get some more love and attention by the graphic artists over at the Czech based studio.

So everyone loves a good 'before and after' don't they? Good, let's begin then:

ETS 2 Germany Update 1.jpg


ETS 2 Germany Update 2.jpg


ETS 2 Germany Update 3.jpg


ETS 2 Germany Update 4.jpg


ETS 2 Germany Update 5.jpg


ETS 2 Germany Update 6.jpg

European Truck Sim 2 and American Truck Sim are both available exclusive to PC on the Steam network now.

If long and short distance hauling of varied cargo is your cup of tea, or if you are curious as to what the fuss is all about, then why not have a poke around in our ETS 2 and ATS sub forums to see if anything strikes your fancy? Oh and we host mods too...

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Happy to hear SCS are spending some time and attention on older locations in ETS2? Looking forward to the upcoming Germany update? Let us know in the comments section below!
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Best of the worst, sometimes worst of the worst.
Dec 23, 2012
Finally! I was like two different games when crossing the French -German border.

It's a hefty and probably unwanted task by SCS but much needed. UK next :)

Patrik Marek

Oct 25, 2014
can't wait
and if this all comes free ( which I suspect that's what it sounds like) than that's really quite impressive and really nice from the devs to do that

so often we see that devs don't update old stuff, because financially it doesn't make sense


Aug 4, 2013
My only wish for the makeover is a driveable passenger car (Pickup, policecar) wih decent physics.
I like roaming around with my rift and wheel. The game itself is perfect for that purpose, but the car mods are horrible because of the truck physics.

Koen Verlinde

Sep 12, 2011
People who like map realism should really take a look at the Promods mod that expands the base SCS gives already. Seems SCS actually used some Promods bits (probably not directly but still) of their Autobahn rebuilding project.


May 8, 2011
Gotta say, though I love the map expansions and their quality has risen, I might be even MORE excited for this :).

DLC after DLC I found myself being incredibly picky about routes, due to not wanting to end up 100's of miles into old content territory.

I stayed in Italy since the release, practically, only to tour france here and there or a long haul straight to scandinavia.

Great to see!
Huge appreciation for taking on revamps on such a scale.
Nov 20, 2016
My only wish for the makeover is a driveable passenger car (Pickup, policecar) wih decent physics.
I like roaming around with my rift and wheel. The game itself is perfect for that purpose, but the car mods are horrible because of the truck physics.
its a truck sim, not a car sim.


Oct 28, 2015
Finally... It's a large part of the base game map and has been neglected for too long really considering the success of the game. Way too much repetition, and lots of elements of the Autobahn and surrounding roads that wouldn't be built like that in real life. The road network surely is one of the most important elements of the game and it shouldn't take mods to get it to an acceptable state.


Jul 30, 2016
Wonder when they will add the Iberian peninsula, I know the original map has some needs, although I'd rather see my home country in there
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Apr 16, 2017
its a truck sim, not a car sim.
still there are so many people which would like a car simulation on realistic streets. and to this day there is not a single game that fullfills that wish. just add a halfway decent car to ets2 and so many people would be happy about that.
Feb 14, 2016
It's about time. I absolutely hate those single-lane interchanges; and even more so after doing the recent ETRC-themed event on World of Trucks.