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Sell Full Thrustmaster Setup - 599XX Alcantara + T300 Base + T3PA Pro


Selling as I have upgraded to a Fanatec setup. These would make a great affordable step up from something like a G29. I am located in the UK in Milton Keynes and I am open for collection though I would also be able to deliver in-person within about a 50 mile radius if you are okay with covering the fuel costs. I can maybe deliver further if you're taking the full set, I don't really want to post them due to the large size and risk of damage. I would prefer to sell everyhting as a full set though I might consider selling things individually if it comes to it.

Rim £75 - Works fine however I did not initially know about wearing gloves with Alcantara so some areas are slightly flattened, I have worked the wheel over with sonax Alcantara restorer which has brought it back to near original appearance, The worst areas are around where your thumbs would be as shown in the above photo, there is some minor damage to the allen bolt heads as well as I was originally going to bolt the magnetic shifter mod onto the wheel enclosure and so I removed the back a few times to work out where to drill, in the end I decided not to risk drilling anything so the magnetic mod was fitted with the double sided adhesive that came with the kit. Magnetic shifter mod is from 3DRap, it really improves the shifting feel compared to the original setup, they are removable if you do wish to go back to the original non-magnetic shift though. Comes in original box.

SOLD - Pedals £100 - These pedals are only just over a year old and were not used too much, I had them for a few months before getting a Fanatec wheelbase so used them with the standalone USB adapter for a while before I upgraded to Fanatec pedals earlier this year and they have been in storage since then. They work fine in standalone or normal mode, I will include the adapter if you want it. The brake is fitted with the conical mod and the throttle and clutch have upgraded stiffer springs from Ricmotech.

Base £125 - Bought second-hand a few years ago so not exactly brand new but works fine with no problems. I never ran the base at anything over 70% strength to avoid any issue so the motor is still in great shape. Original power supply included. I have the original desk mount though I do not have the original screw for it as I always had the base bolted directly to the table. The little screw for the quick release is also missing though I used it for years like that without the wheel ever coming loose so I don't think it's too much of an issue. There are a few scratches as shown in the photos but nothing that will affect how it works.

I last used the full setup nearly a year ago though today I have connected and powered on the base, checked all buttons on the rim and checked the pedals using the standalone usb adapter and everything works fine, I'm asking £300 for the full setup.
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I will be off work for Christmas from the 18th onwards so will be able to deliver further over the next few weeks if required.