FSR Server

Hope it's monaco, especially as f1rft have made a great version. Wouldn't have any problem with it being china either, the one track I hope it isn't is Catalunya, rubbish track that never produces exciting racing (worst race of the f1 season last year, valencia street circuit is better)

We didn't run in Montmeló last year...

EDIT: oh, u said F1 real right? Sorry then ;)!
China is boring but Valencia is horrible so I'm glad its not Valencia. Monaco would be a destruction derby. I am sad wont be Abu Dahbi this season but there is still one ? this season

Oh btw the tire thread need updated
I have a stupid Question. Can i may ask if someone give's me the right to join today at the warm up on the Ace Race today? I just want to test if i have the same issue as in Malaysia with the Freezing. I don't want that the same thing happens again like last time because than my practice was already again for nothing. I will also leave right after i Joined and i would also join only 1time just to check if i have the freeze or not. Since i still don't know why i get freezes (maybe someone has more experience with it). Can also someone say if there is a Difference in Cpu utilization between internet server (with real Players) and Offline server (with bots).