Happy to be part of the forum... I play forza horizon 4 just wondering if anyone here knows a good way of making credits or any other tips... new to the game.

Ole Marius Myrvold

JWB 96-13
Long races in KM.

There is some blueprint tracks that goes up and down the highway. Get e.g a Koenigsegg Agera RS or another bloody fast car. Put on some chill music. Do a 30-40min event, and you'll get some hundred thousand credits, and quite a few wheelspins to go as well.
Alternative way is to buy cars, paint them and then sell it again for higher price.
Works good so far.
As Ole said, you can do races with high amount of laps or blueprint similar to "Goliath" races.
I know this may be frowned upon by some but i found this and got the maximum amount of credits possible, i love my racing setup but i need the cars to get the most out of it and im awful at paint jobs and those 3 hour races are pretty painful with weak cars lol
The game is much more fun now :D
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Ben O'Bro

Light is Right
that reminds me how bad i am at drifting :D

in the meantime, here's my contribution of stills

fza_059.jpg fza_061.jpg fza_063.jpg fza_053.jpg fza_054.jpg fza_058.jpg
Does anybody know how to setup G27 wheel in that game? I have PC version. If somebody can help ? If somebody can help will be great . Maybe pictures from G27 profiler plus settings in game. Thank You . Merry Christmas Everybody

Paul Jeffrey

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Forza Horizon 4 Season 6 Update 3.jpg

Plenty of new stuff is available now for the Forza Horizon 4 racing game on Windows 10 and Xbox One.

With the Series 6 update now live, players of Forza Horizon 4 now have access to a brand new DLC for the high octane racing game. Adding another new season of racing conditions, new content in the form of new fresh events, new Car Pass vehicles like the TVR Griffin and 1994 Nissan Fairlady Z Version S Twin Turbo and plenty more besides, this is a very decent update to the popular racing game.

FH4 Release Notes:

Skill Streak
This update adds a new Horizon Story to the game, available at level 60, close to the Stone Circle. Jaimin needs to help with difficult problems like “What is the best SUV?” and “Just how fast can you drive an EB110 while NOT hitting anything?” and the question that has vexed the greatest thinkers throughout the ages “Just how much can you hoon in a railyard?”

Seasonal Playground Games
Compete in the all-new Seasonal Playground games to unlock the Global Rallycross VW, the Hotwheels Boneshaker, the Lotus 2-Eleven and a Super Wheelspin.

Seasonal Street Races
Street Scene joins the Seasonal event rotation with Street Race Seasonal Championships, offering great rewards, including Ken Block loot!

Cross-Platform Fixes
  • Various stability improvements
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to access set up manager during from the pre-race menu of a solo event
  • Players in solo Horizon Stories can now see their score in the post-race flow
  • Fixed an issue where the British Racing Green UI would show the wrong targets for multiple chapters
  • Fixed an issue where the World’s Fastest Rentals UI would show the wrong targets for multiple chapters
  • Fixed an issue where the LaRacer @ Horizon UI would show the wrong targets for multiple chapters
  • Fixed an issue in Chapter 10 of Isha’s Taxis where convoy members were kicked back to freeroam after phase 1
  • Improved UI in all Horizon Stories, so now next available star target score is visible
  • Added functionality to view Horizon Story leader boards from the chapter select screen
  • Fixed an issue with a specific tune on the Horizon Edition Caterham that would cause graphical corruption of the vehicle
  • Improved AI behavior during custom routes
  • Fixed an issue where audio SFX would hang during gameplay
  • Fixed an issue where the tram in Edinburgh would appear to shake whilst moving
  • Fixed an issue where players were forced into using a super wheelspin upon leveling up if one was available
  • Fixed an issue where audio could be delayed when travelling to Fortune Island
  • Improved server migration times to help maintain fuller game servers
  • Fixed an issue where selecting a custom route from the creative hub via Rivals caused a hard lock
  • Fixed an issue where severely damaging the Hillman Imp would cause framerate issues
Wheel Fixes
  • Improved FFB by reducing the jolts coming from big load spikes when driving off road
PC FIxes
  • Fixed an issue where there was no music during the initial drive on Fortune Island

Forza Horizon 4 is available on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC now.

Check out the Forza Horizon 4 sub forum to stay abreast of the latest news and discussions around this upcoming new arcade racing title.

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