1. How to Stay Cool Sim Racing in Summer

    How to Stay Cool Sim Racing in Summer

    Summer may be nearing its end, but it is still hot in many places - and we sim racers must put up with even hotter hardware. So how to stay cool in summer when sim racing? Here are some tips. Image credit: Saber Interactive August is only just over, and for the Northern Hemisphere, this means...
  2. H

    You know the world has gone mad when....

    Downton Abbey makes more sense than the news! (Bank holiday in UK, therefore no news to fill 30 minute slot)
  3. Paul Jeffrey

    Forza Horizon 4

    Microsoft have confirmed the acquisition of Playground Games, bringing the Forza Horizon franchise under the banner of the mammoth American technology giants. Having run the development and publishing of the popular spinoff to the Forza Motorsport franchise of games for a number of years now...
  4. P

    Parhaita settejä Suomesta. Finnish coverart 1

    A CD coverart which I made. Don't take it too seriously :D. Got those songs also but I don't know is it legal to upload them? But you can put your own 80s and 90s finnish songs too.