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  1. abrimaal

    Are you GT or not? 202102

    This wooden box is a GT Tester. If your car is too tall to be GT, it will crash with the box :) Add the .gmt and .dds files to the Zaluzani files. If you don't want to replace the .trk file, just add to your .trk file: Instance=sign_woodbox { Moveable=True MeshFile=sign_woodbox.gmt...
  2. peppen

    Saetta McQueen (Lightning McQueen) - Ferrari 458 gt2 skin 1.0

    A Ferrari 458 gt2 skin of Saetta McQueen (Lightning McQueen) from Cars
  3. abrimaal

    Mr Beep for GTR Evo 202010

    A funny compact 1960s car to compete with VW Beetle, Trabant, Citroen 2CV, Renault Dauphine etc. 3D model by SQUIR @renderhub.com Converted to GTR Evo by Carsay. It is a high poly model. It is possible to slow down the game, although 20 Beep cars at once go smoothly. Some small details...
  4. hako226

    Initial D skins for Abarth 595 SS 0.9

    Day 68754678 of quarantine Abarth 595 Skins - Bunta's WRX STI - Takumi's AE86 Trueno - Iketani's Silvia - Keisuke's RX7 FD Zip has file for standard, S1 and S2, just drop cars folder into content folder
  5. monkeyfan250

    [Deoxide's Weeb Mobile] Miata ND 1.0

    based on this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CEfYqexe7A&t=4s
  6. Paul Jeffrey

    Forza Horizon 4

    Microsoft have confirmed the acquisition of Playground Games, bringing the Forza Horizon franchise under the banner of the mammoth American technology giants. Having run the development and publishing of the popular spinoff to the Forza Motorsport franchise of games for a number of years now...
  7. Danny kung

    The most unfinished track in Assetto Corsa 0.1051

    I have many aspirations for this track. So lettuce' begin. Yes, this chaotic fictional track of mine has been in Alpha for over 3 years now. (2 year hiatus) Made in blender, It is my first track and pretty much everything is a scratchmade hodgepodge attempt, including textures (which I made in...
  8. NGSU

    Satsuma Racing Red with Retro livery 2018-06-24

    This is my first Satsuma Skin I've ever upload in Racedepartment. The Satsuma Red with fictional retro livery. *sorry for my bad English grammar and Neyde Spears if you accidently find it.*
  9. Rain-Bysea

    Toyota GT86 Chinese, communist and mogical style skin 1.0

    The skin is inspired by a book called " The Man Who Changed China". This man is president Jiang. President Jiang is a very interesting and talented leader in the history of new China. President Jiang worship can be called mogic. Believers can be called mogcians. I don't think anyone doesn't...
  10. Ivan Vejarano

    Cars sounds with mouth

    Guys have a listen... and please close your eyes :speechless: LOL:D
  11. P

    Parhaita settejä Suomesta. Finnish coverart 1

    A CD coverart which I made. Don't take it too seriously :D. Got those songs also but I don't know is it legal to upload them? But you can put your own 80s and 90s finnish songs too.
  12. Moectopus

    Soviet Russia Helmet 1.0

    Hej Guys! I have here a funny little ****-project, which was a "customer's service" thing for my russian friend Fabian, who wanted an own helmet. He had to laugh much and loves it pretty much with "most badass helmet I've ever seen!" Do you also share his opinion? xD
  13. SpiriZz:TV

    Mark Hates Kittens Fan Window 1.0

    This is just a simple Mark Hates Kittens-Sticker on your back Window. Instructions how to install; take a look in the ReadMe. Have Fun! by the way; YT; RazN :D
  14. Mitchelskater

    English Pub Menu, Funny fridge note and new Lindell Inspection Sign 1

    Pictures are coming soon, just got finished. http://imgur.com/a/7oFJ7