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You cannot change the models of F1 2014 Cars at the moment, but I know someone who can, so I will get into contact with him. Sadly I believe that it has some effects on the game. If I can get any further info I will consider using this.


Thanks. This mod is amazing. Changed my F12014 to Formula E, as when I download the new F1 2015, the 2014 game will come with it in the new gen engine. I'll have the best of 4 worlds if I count pCars too....
My only gripe from the videos ive seen of this - is that the cars have gears.

now - im not wholly certain how you'd have gears in an electric car... seeing as the battery would power the motors directly. so would it be possible to make the cars have a single gear - and update the interior views to show "1st gear" as D for drive?

I'll happily do this to my own game fine, but i thought id bring it up as it bothers me a little bit

EDIT - ignore me completely. just seen a formula E driving and it does indeed have gears.

could someone please explain to me how that works because im totally miffed now
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