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Fanatec McLaren GT3 wheel is back

Just received mine. Everything is working fine and I even didn't update the driver. I'm still using the old 334 driver on my CSW 2.5.
I read on fanatec forum that driver update is mandatory. Obviously not because I've only removed the V1 and put V2 without doing anything else (*).
So with wheel base firmware 639 and motor firmware 22, wheel is correctly recognized and everything seems ok. I checked every buttons, switches and paddles. Wheel firmware is 37 where previous McLaren GT3 (v1) was 30.

edit : (*) only modif was to install a Quick Release adaptor instead of default adaptor.
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Curiously, the Firmware updater tells me, everything is fine and the update was succesfull. But the Wheels Firmware Version reads 0.
Curiously, the Firmware updater tells me, everything is fine and the update was succesfull. But the Wheels Firmware Version reads 0.
If it reads 0, it means something goes wrong.
Perhaps you should uninstall the driver, reboot then reinstall ? or try another driver version. As I wrote, it works fine with an older version.

edit : older version works on CSW 2.5, perhaps DD base needs to be updated.
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I suspect, there's a loose contact somewhere inside the wheel. It recently started working randomly, but stopped shortly after. Also the OLED screen has become glitchy.


Curiously, the Firmware updater tells me, everything is fine and the update was succesfull. But the Wheels Firmware Version reads 0.
FW number 0 means a failed fw flash and the base and driver can't read the FW of the wheel anymore. Did you try the bootloader mode of the base to then flash the base fw again? did you try the repair function of the driver? if this doesn't help you have to indeed open a RMA ticket.


I'm going to design and publish (for free of course, as long as you don't resell or try to make profit off them) a hub spacer so you can unlock full torque without having to buy the clubsport adapter or damage/permanently modify your stock CSL QR. All you'll need is some longer M5 bolts.

I'm 99% sure the CSL Elite quick release on the GT3 can handle DD1/DD2 torque. It's a very strong injection mold fiberglass plastic.
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Would that not throw off electrical pin engagements, unless accompanied by a matching
electrical connector spacer, which might need a longer than provided cable?
Oh damn, can't believe I didn't think of this lol.
Yeah you would need to extend the electrical pins as well.
FYI, the Fanatec site now shows the wheel as sold-out. My December 24th order was delayed from January 20th to until February 19th.


Your [U.S.] Fanatec [GT3] order will be shipped soon
"The status of your order placed on 22/12/2020 has changed to “warehouse processing“"
Lacking access to a Fanatec wheelbase,
I'm hoping that its firmware need not be changed for eventual USB support..
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Believe it or not, the FedEx person delivered my GT3 wheel within 5 minutes of the start today's live Mclaren F1 car intro show I was watching. Crazy.

I installed my optional quick release and added the stickers while I watched the show.

First impressions of the wheel are great. My other 2 wheels are the Formula V2 and R300. Both with Podium shifters. Some general comments:

  • Perfect form factor. Just feels right. Hand position seems ideal.
  • Settings with Fanalab and AMS2 felt great
  • Wheel looks great and built quality is great
  • After hearing mixed reviews on the rocker shifters I was relieved with the feel of them
  • Rocker shifters and grips feel perfect with my Sparco Karting Gloves (Arrow K)
  • Reach to the shifters is perfect for my smallish hands
  • Have not used the buttons much yet so no comment on these
  • Seems incredible value compared to other wheels
  • Seems super light weight until installing the metal quick release
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Updated my labels and added a sticker from my home track.