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Fanatec McLaren GT3 wheel is back


Hmm.. I'm tempted now that the USB option is out there. I got a 10% off coupon for a discount from Fanatec since it took them so long to ship my last order. A small, part of me wants to maximize that value and order a DD1 to try out compared to my SC2, but that also involves another mount. Kind of tossed the idea out there to get the wife's reaction and got the death dagger eyes, so I guess I should just get s wheel right?

I'd like a GT style wheel and this is probably the cheapest option out there. Anyone else connect it to their DD other then Fanatec? The first version's issues have me a bit nervous but I guess that is why they made a V2. Maybe I would be better off with the Formula.


USB Conversion Kit for McLaren V2 GT3 Wheel - simracingmachines.com

  • "When I tested the conversion I had updated the wheel firmware to V40 using the latset Fanatec drivers on my Fanatec Wheel base. It seems the display does not work on wheel firmware V37, so please update your wheel to V40 if you can."
    • We will work on a firmware upgrade for the kit to hopefully make the display work with V37 - Sorry for this.
  • Clutch paddles will only work as 2 separate analogue devices. There is no bite point option.
  • Left and right rotary switches work in 2 ways. They activate a button for left and right while also working like Leo's rotary switch by selecting a fixed point on an axis. This can be used in tools like joykey or SLI max-pro to map to keyboard presses.
  • The middle switch rotary switchwill just work as a fixed axis point. Please note the display will still display clutch functions, but these do not work.