Fanatec GT3RS Issue?

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    Edit: Took the wheel apart and the power wire to the motor was loose/disconnected. Got the soldering iron out and reattached the wire. Works perfectly again. :D:p

    Hi all,
    Looking for hopefully a simple solution to my troubles.
    Had my GT3RS wheel for over a year and never had any issues with it.
    Wheel is up to date with the latest drivers and firmware on windows 10.
    I was playing Assetto Corsa late night for a good few hours with some heated online battles, and all of a sudden the FFB is off then on and pulls from side to side.
    I thought I had just overheated the wheel so left it came came back after work, but when I start the wheel the display comes up but no movement or calibration from the wheel.
    Then I just get the top bar of the center digit of the display constantly on.
    Going into the wheel calibration program the center is way off and FFB test does not work.
    I fear this could be motor issues but any help would be much appreciated. If it needs to go back to Fanatec should i just not bother and get a new wheel?
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