1. Fanatec CSL Universal hub Unboxing and review

    Fanatec CSL Universal hub Unboxing and review

    Fanatec CSL Universal hub Unboxing and review
  2. J

    What Board to use on a DIY wheel and Fanatec Podium Hub?

    I am in the process of building a DIY wheel that I would like to be able to attach to a DD1 base via a Podium hub. As far as the physical wheel I have it all planned out as to how it will attach to the hub. What I am a bit lost on is what board/boards I will need to enable the buttons and...
  3. skiper271

    Is Brake Perfomance Kit worth to fanatec V3 pedal brake

    Hello I have a problem with my brake. After long time I decided to buy BPK because my braking in Iracing and feel of the pedal was terrible experience. Is that kit improve a lot the braking and feel? I hope my lap times would be much better on qualify and race distance.
  4. G-Slev

    Brake Calibration Question

    Could anyone give me some advice on calibrating the brake on my clubsport v3s? I was previously setting the minimum for all three pedals, then pushing the brake as hard as a could and setting the max. However, some kind folk here pointed out when I was posting a hotlap video that I wasn't...
  5. Paul Jeffrey

    RD Tech Review | Passing Judgement On The Fanatec Podium Wheelbase DD2 Direct Drive Wheelbase

    In our latest hardware tech review, we take a look at the current Fanatec Podium DD2 wheelbase, to find out for ourselves if all the fuss around the flagship Fanatec offering is truly is justified. Fanatec top level direct drive wheelbase. Retails around 1500 Euros. Compatible with past...
  6. PixelBarnRacing

    Sell D-Shaped Suede Wheel (rim only) - 280mm

    Unknown brand D Shaped 280mm wheel. Suede is in good (not perfect) condition. Standard Momo bolt pattern, was on a Fanatec Universal hub for a long time. Not sure on the brand but it's a solid wheel. Really nice wheel but I just don't use it and I'm looking for a 300mm or bigger round wheel...
  7. NeverKrash

    Sell Fanatec V2.5 Clubsport Wheelbase (UK)

    SOLD Boxed contents: All original accessories, power cables (UK & EU), screws, paperwork and components included. Comes with original box and Fanatec bag. Condition: Excellent condition. Even has the original plastic glass cellophane film. A small sticky felt pad was added to the upper-back of...
  8. N

    Thrustmaster T-pedals Stand for Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals

    Does anyone know if the Thrustmaster T-pedals stand will also be compatible with the Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals? For 'reasons' I need an under desk solution to mount my pedals as they tilt backwards when I apply force to the brake pedal. Need to keep it as cheap as possible.
  9. T

    Full Rig-Planning Help (Motion Hardware Focus)

    Main Purpose: Drifting in Assetto Corsa (not ACC). Intend to play Dirt Rally 2 and circuit racing in the future. Current Hardware: T300, Fanatec Handbrake, Shifter & CSL Elite LC pedals all on a Playseat Challenge. Oculus Rift S Planned Hardware: Solid Rig with motion functionality. DD wheel...
  10. JohnnyV

    Sell Various sim racing stuff (SimHub, LEDs, Nextion, Fanatec Uni Hub parts, etc...)

    Various sim racing stuff (SimHub, LEDs, Nextion, Fanatec Uni Hub parts, etc...) for sale : Nextion 3,5 and 4.3 inch with usb boards: WS2812b LEDs, 8 leds on 1 pcb and 4x4: Adafruit alphanumeric display: 8 x 4 7 segment display: 7 inch HDMI screen with 32 RGB WS2812b LEDs...
  11. Paul Jeffrey

    RD Tech Review | Fanatec CSL Elite McLaren GT3 V2 Wheel

    It's back, it's better than ever and it still looks outstanding on any sim rig - the Fanatec CSL Elite McLaren GT3 V2 sim racing steering wheel is here. 2nd generation McLaren sim wheel. Retails around 199.99 EU. Compatible with Fanatec wheelbase ecosystem. I think it would be fair to say...
  12. Paul Jeffrey

    A Simracing Wheel That Works In A GT3?

    Recently German sim racing hardware giants Fanatec announced an interesting new collaboration with BMW to develop a replica sim racing wheel... that isn't a replica, but actually works in the real car! Yes you heard that right, the newly announced BMW Fanatec wheel has been created to work in...
  13. 8

    Sell Full Sim Racing Rig - (Fanatec, Heusinkveld, Playseat)

    Genuine sale of my sim racing rig, all brand new from March 20’ till July 20’. Included is: Playseat Sensation FIA Seat/Frame Lenovo Y44-10W Ultrawide Monitor Asus 21.5” Telemetry Monitor Fanatec V2.5 Base Fanatec Formula Carbon Rim Heusinkveld Sprint Pedals (3 pedal set) Huesinkveld Pedal...
  14. Metalogic

    Sell Fanatec CSR Elite LC pedals, T300 base, TM Leather 28 GT Wheel, Wheelstand Pro + Basherboards CPX v2

    PRICES DROPPED (AGAIN)! Will also consider offers, especially if purchasing multiple items. I'm selling my complete sim racing setup, despite purchasing everything (except the Fanatec CSR Elite pedals) from new in 2016, it's in near mint condition, as has been barely used, due to personal...
  15. S

    CSR Elite Forza (xb360) - Wheel mod options?

    I just came into a CSR Elite Forza (xb360) - I'm an XB1 racer with a TX setup currently. Wanted to see how I could best use/mod this for the XB1 setup I have (as either a primary or secondary rig). Fanatec support stock answer was 'not compatible'. To be clear this is the one with the base that...
  16. G-Slev

    Opinions please on GT vs Formula Rims

    What it says in the title really. I am saving up for a new wheelbase and rim having bought some V3 pedals a few months back. I am going to go fanatec. I currently have a G29. I mostly drive in AC, ACC and RF2 - a mixture of endurance racing with some historic stuff and occasional formula...
  17. Biro

    Sell Fanatec Podium Button Module Endurance

    I'm selling this wonderful Podium Button Module Endurance for £160. Is in good condition, has been mounted to a Porsche podium rim and hub bought only a couple of months ago. Shipping free in UK
  18. Jan209

    PC2 Wheel/Tire Bug with Fanatec CSL Elite

    Hello everyone, I´ve found a huge Bug in Project Cars 2 but i dont know how to solve it... When im Driving a regular round on any race Track, after 5-10 maybe 15 minutes my Fanatec Wheel block everything and just hit with full speed to the right Steering angle.. I didn´t found anything on...
  19. ltcars

    New pedals

    Hello, I once again am asking for your financial advice. Jokes aside, my break pedals isn't working anymore as it should, so I'm looking for a replacement. My first thoughts were the Thrustmaster T-LCM, but I'm open to suggestions. Ideally they would be under 200€, but that seems to be a bit...