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Fanatec csw 2.5 belt slip

I have had my fanatec csw 2.5 for 4 months, while racing in ac I noticed that my wheel made a konk noise when Turing, I also noticed something that felt like a belt slipping while Turing slowl, it is in all sims, And it is also happening when off, though it is less noticeabl. any fixes? Or will I have to contact fanatic support?


Contact the support!
It should be an "easy" fix if the belt tension is just too low.
Most of the components are fixed at the base front plate with the screws you're seeing.

One of these screws is the belt tension adjuster. I don't know which and I wouldn't recommend to just unscrew any of them and try to fix it without instructions.

I've read about people having similar issues like you and the support would give them instructions on how to adjust the belt tension :)

You can get a look here at 22:35 (link is the timestamp)
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