Falkenberg Motorbana Confirmed for RaceRoom Racing Experience

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    RaceRoom Racing Experience - Falkenberg Motorbana 1.jpg
    The Scandinavian influx continues as Sector3 Studios today confirm the brilliant Falkenberg Motorbana will be joining RaceRoom Racing Experience "soon"...

    With the recent release of Mantorp Park, Karlskoga and the Anderstorp tracks proving to be popular amongst fans of the game, it has been announced today that Sector3 intend to bring the brilliant Falkenberg circuit to the simulation in the very near future, claiming a release is on the horizon "soon" according to the now famous Sector3 predicted timescales...

    Judging from the pictures included in this article it does look like development is already pretty much complete and the content is simply awaiting release to the public at a time deemed appropriate by the developers.

    Although another Scandinavian track might lead many fans to hope that a new iteration of the STCC: The Game series could be on it's way, I would advise fans not to get their hopes up too high. As revealed in our recent interview at the start of 2017, an official STCC licence is not yet on the table for RaceRoom and looks unlikely for the immediate future at least. However with these four classic Scandinavian tracks already in game and a raft of suitable cars on which to drive them, let's just hope we get a few more of these great locations in the coming weeks and months...

    For an idea of what you can expect to experience when the track is released check out this footage from the PWR Racing Team during a recent STCC race:

    RaceRoom Racing Experience is a free to play simulation exclusive to PC with additional content available to purchase via the in game RaceRoom Store.

    RaceRoom Racing Experience - Falkenberg Motorbana 2.jpg RaceRoom Racing Experience - Falkenberg Motorbana 3.jpg RaceRoom Racing Experience - Falkenberg Motorbana 4.jpg RaceRoom Racing Experience - Falkenberg Motorbana 5.jpg

    Check out the RaceRoom Racing Experience sub forum here at RaceDepartment for all the latest news and discussions with regards to the simulation. Take part in our awesome Racing Club, download a setup or just hang out and chat about the game with your fellow fans of the title. It’s all here at RaceDepartment.com!

    RaceRoom Racing Experience - Falkenberg Motorbana 7.jpg RaceRoom Racing Experience - Falkenberg Motorbana 8.jpg RaceRoom Racing Experience - Falkenberg Motorbana 9.jpg RaceRoom Racing Experience - Falkenberg Motorbana 10.jpg RaceRoom Racing Experience - Falkenberg Motorbana 6.jpg

    Happy to see another awesome Scandinavian track coming to R3E? What other locations would you like to see added to the sim? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. Kurupt CDN

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    Great content just keeps on coming!
    Patiently waiting for the BMW M235i and the rest of the new gt3 models to be released :)
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  3. dreamer al

    dreamer al

    I would love to see Brands Hatch - GP version track (yes, I know they have the Indy vers).
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  4. Metalogic


    Can't wait for the AMG GT3 with Raceroom's legendary sounds!
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  5. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper

    Just looks lovely :thumbsup::inlove:

    I like this approach. I liked Gamestockcar when I first got it because of the fantastic Brazilian tracks that were included and Raceroom is doing a similar thing. Great to have the traditional tracks but sometimes you feel like racing on something different :) Good publicity for the tracks as well I would imagine.

    Great job as always :thumbsup:
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  6. Filip Carlén

    Filip Carlén

    YEEEEEESSSS! Best track ever made, played it countless times in Race07, and still sometimes do! Just screamed in excitement when I saw the title, this is just so awesome! WOHO!
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