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Who will win the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix?

  • Max Verstappen

    Votes: 984 49.5%
  • Lewis Hamilton

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  • Other Driver

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F1 | George Russell In At Mercedes, Jack Aitken To Williams

The Mercedes AMG F1 Team have confirmed Williams driver George Russell will step in for the absent Lewis Hamilton this weekend, with F2 junior Jack Aitken taking over the seat at Grove.
  • Russell to Mercedes for Sakhir Grand Prix.
  • Aitken replaces GR at Williams.
  • No news on if Hamilton will return for Abu Dhabi.
Having not yet scored a point during his near two season stay in Formula One, British racer and 2018 F2 Champion George Russell has been presented with his best chance yet of taking honours in a Grand Prix car, with news that the 22-year-old has been called up to the Mercedes AMG F1 team in place of Lewis Hamilton this weekend.

With Williams having agreed to let their star driver stand in at Mercedes, the Grove outfit have acted swiftly to draft in 25-year-old British-Korean reserve driver Jack Aitken for at least the Sakhir Grand Prix weekend. Aitken current drives for ART Grand Prix in Formula 2, and holds 12th in the championship standings heading into the final rounds.

It is not yet clear if Hamilton will recover in time for the season ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix weekend, or how the driving line up will look after Sunday's race is completed.

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Such a same.. james "captain slow" may would be better match for bottas. With clarkson as replacement for toto wolff and hammond as chief strategy planner.

On this new layout.. OMG
Oldskool top gear f1 destruction derby with james may as the winner

Maybe great idea for f1.. what top gear did 2 cars on top one steering one gas and braking.. max and vettel teamed up.

Max braking and gas and vettel steering.

Maximum Sbinnala fest.
Great opportunity for Russell, I hope he gets to race at Abu Dhabi too, one race is too short to expect too much.

P3 is a decent target, Bottas has had 4 years experience in the Merc. If Russell beats Bottas then Bottas needs to start counting his days.
Bottas will want to be on top form but I relish seeing how well GR will handle and adapt to the Merc. It's a decision that will likely please a lot of people.

Toto holds the cards it seems and made this happen so no doubt Mercedes will be very interested in his level of feedback and skills on-track.

Now whos on for GR for POLE?
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So I guess reserve driver duties aren't set in stone afterall lol...really happy for Russell though, hopes he becomes familiar enough with the car to do well, as I'm pretty sure that's who Merc has in mind to be Lewis' successor.

The quick transition might not be like simply switching to a better Williams, because he has to learn Merc's current radio messages, the car's control layout and modes, adjust to the feel of the car, etc...also George is tall compared to Lewis (about 5 to 6 inches taller in fact), so it might not feel comfortable driving his car...similar to Hulkenberg complaining about discomfort when subbing for Stroll and Perez; he's taller than both I believe. However, given that they've had nearly a week to prepare and that he's tested the car before, maybe they've got a cockpit mold for him somewhere?
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