F1 | George Russell In At Mercedes, Jack Aitken To Williams


Might sound harsh, but I would imagine Botass will win regardless; not half as bad as some say (beat team mate massa convincingly every year) and has had a lot of bad luck.

Not harsh at all, I think you are right - Bottas should certainly win. Bottas is a good driver, it just so happens that his teammate is one of the top F1 drivers of all time.
I suspect it'll be a good fight this weekend between Valtteri, George, Max and Sergio.
I see the podium as Bottas first, Max second, George third, if...and that's a big IF...Valtteri brings his 'A' game and can get away from the line fast.
Max will probably take it, if he does.
More often than not, Max has beaten Valtteri in on-track battles.
George is quick in that Mercedes.
He proved that during the testing days.
We are yet to see him do the lap-by-lap battles we know Lewis is very capable of.
I hope he can fight those and does well on Sunday.
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