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F1 2013 F1 2013 Setups - We need your love

F1 2013 The Game (Codemasters)
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Graham Laing

Retired Staff

As real Formula 1 heads toward the season finale, why not show F1 2013 some love today?

We would love more setups, especially wet ones (who doesn't like a wet one?), but dry are OK too. Why not post your favourite setups and share them with your fellow drivers?

Show people the best way of destroying the AI with your technical prowess, and why multiplayer drivers cower in the pits when you're on track, because you're a purple sector supremo :cool:

It's the gift that keeps on giving all year through ........ :thumbsup:

Follow the links below to add your favourite ones, add as many as you like.

F1 2013 Setup Directory

Main Setup Forum

Standard Tracks
Melbourne: Dry - Wet
Kuala Lumpur: Dry - Wet
Shanghai: Dry - Wet
Sahkir: Dry - Wet
Catalunya: Dry - Wet
Monte Carlo: Dry - Wet
Montreal: Dry - Wet
Silverstone: Dry - Wet
Nurburgring: Dry - Wet
Budapest: Dry - Wet
Spa Francorchamps: Dry - Wet
Monza: Dry - Wet
Singapore: Dry - Wet
Yeongnam: Dry - Wet
Suzuka: Dry - Wet
New Delhi: Dry - Wet
Yas Marina: Dry - Wet
Austin: Dry - Wet
Sao Paulo: Dry - Wet

Classic Tracks:
Imola: Dry - Wet
Estoril: Dry - Wet
Brands Hatch: Dry - Wet
Jerez: Dry - Wet
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