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EU Escort RS1600 @ Brands Hatch - Wed 24 July 2019

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Racing Club' started by Craig Dunkley, Jul 17, 2019.

Added to Calendar: 24-07-19
  1. pattikins


    & I got hit by you (lap 6 - around the ten minute mark in your video) & Robert (T2/Lap 1) :p
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  2. Dux


    Yeah I know :D , I mean I didn't know it was you till now. Well I wasn't expecting you to be that slow, I was really fast into the corner and just tipped you on the back (although was already easing off of the throttle and applying brakes) it was too late. I just touched you, you went into the wall and later on I suspect you had some difficulties because of it. Because you struggled a bit and right away although I could've overtaken you immediately I felt it wasn't right to come on you right after the accident, so I stayed behind until I made sure you were once again under control, and If you see the video once again you will notice I was lifting the throttle on the start-finish line, and slowed down a bit the car behind hahah. But soon enough I was sliding just too much and lost more positions. With more practice and a bit improved time, to stay with the front and fight, this would be a hell of a fun race
  3. Medilloni


    Yes Patrick, it used to be a nightmare for missing gears - I stopped using it when I had the Logitech kit, 3rd and 5th would not work many times per lap.

    With the adaptor it missed 5th about 3 times during the whole race so I'll have another go at re-calibrating - I did see something on the Bodnar website that says something like (but I don't understand!) it gives a 'better' signal, and also; "Switching thresholds can be adjusted. Settings are stored inside the device. Especially useful for shifters with old worn gaitors." ...which gave me hope:D

    Strange thing though - and not had time to check it our properly yet - previously I could drive any car with the paddles, auto blip etc. Since using the adaptor, if the car I choose is not a paddle change (Escort, Alpha GTA etc), the paddles don't work... even with the gear lever unconnected:unsure: Unconnected, the game settings are identical to how they were beforehand.

    Haha, we were close a few times, though with these cars I find it hard to be accurate/brave enough to pass due to how much they slide.

    And yes, it did feel like a tag team with you and Ernie:roflmao:
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  4. Craig Dunkley

    Craig Dunkley
    Staff Premium

    This I agree with 100% with this car ..I got my PB by driving in this fashion, sadly I could not repeat it again, the more I tried the worse I became, sadly my skill level is somewhat behind @Ronnie Böhm...maybe a week or two with this car would give me the required consistency and required pace.
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