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Hello my fellow Cockpit View brothers,

I bring you some gold that I found a couple days ago in this Reddit post. All credit goes to Reddit user u/kieranhorner for this terrific solve.

The issue as I’m sure you know is the uncontrollable vibration of the chassis regardless of having camera shake and movement set to 0 creating an insipid oscillation/stutter (regardless of frame rate) that we have had to fight through for various versions of this game since the halo was introduced. That is no more.

The instructions in that post solved this problem completely for me and I’d like to share it. I’d post this in “Mods” but I do not have the privileges to do so.

1. Backup your files before you mod any aspect of the game.
2. I did not make that original post thus I will not be able to assist on problems beyond my technical capacity (below average) and my own experience detailed below.
3. I DO NOT KNOW how this code edit works in other views, on licensed cars, with other cam mods installed, or in modes OUTSIDE of Time Trial and My Team. This edit has worked for me on the FOM and MY Team cars WITH livery mods but WITHOUT other cam mods installed. I do not know if this works in Multiplayer/Online. I would assume it works on any but I do not know, edit at your own risk.

“fom_car.erp” and “myteam_*engine*.erp” files in your game files. (“*engine*” will be one of the four engine suppliers you are using in your my team career; i.e. mercedes, honda, ferrari, renault)
F1 2020>2020_asset_groups>f1_2020_vehicle_package>teams>fom_car>wep>*erp file here*
F1 2020>2020_asset_groups>f1_2020_vehicle_package>teams>myteam_*engine*>wep>*erp file here*

2. COPY and BACKUP the two erp files to another location where you will edit them.

3. OPEN them up in ERP Archiver.


the pkg files (you will NOT be able to upload the edited one individually)

6. OPEN “fom_car-camscargame.layer.json” and “myteam_*engine*-camscargame.layer.json” in a code/text editor, I used Notebook++. (I recommend backing up these two files just in case)

7. INPUT the following highlighted lines of text in the exact location/format shown in the .jpg, SAVE each.


Each edited .json file must be saved back into or copied over into the unpacked location with the other original unedited .json files from the .erp files.

8. In ERP Archiver IMPORT ALL the pkg files back into the respective .erp file, SAVE. (Double check the edited code is showing up, if it is not, you need to make sure your edited .json file is in the correct location to import back in.)

9. COPY OVER the edited .erp files back into your game file location.

10. ENJOY.

Once again, all credit and kudos to u/kieranhorner on Reddit.
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