1. THE Giulliano Larin

    Sa Calobra CamTool Replay by GiuNiral 2022-08-21

    Amazing rally stage in Spain, challenging in both up and downhill. Total of 4 camera sets, 2 for each stage.
  2. Zoltan76

    Making camera files

    Hi! I want to check the exact position of the camera after I found a good position/angle/FOV in freecam mode to be able to make camera files. Is it possible somehow?
  3. mclver

    Battenbergring - Camtool replay 2022-07-24

    I made another Battenbergring camtool file for a video. As usual, copy the file in \Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\apps\python\CamTool_2\data\ I hope you enjoy it.
  4. D

    multiple camera view ?

    How to make a multiple camera view exactly like this photo ?? pls dont say through replay, bc i've seen ppl play like this on a live stream .. i've searched all over the internet but i didn't find any clue ): .
  5. FFF789

    Kinnekulle Ring - new camera sets 1.0

    Just wanted to add another TV 2 cam and one TV Static cam for this cool Swedish race track. As usual, you can install this by just opening the downloaded zip archive and dropping the content into your AC installation folder. For example: C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\assettocorsa That will...
  6. Leonardo Ratafiá

    TV Cameras for Kotor-Trojica 0.1

    2 new camera sets for both layouts extract to the main track folder
  7. DDRK

    Track cameras for Las Vegas 2023 1.0

    Created cameras.ini file for the lasvegas23 track.
  8. carTOON

    Goodweek drone cam 1.00

    Install: just extract the .zip in content > tracks > goodweek > data folder. The track:
  9. aliex85

    BACC - Need For Speed (Better Arcade Chaser Camera) for CSP 1.0

    Here we are, the last but not least BACC Mod, inspired by Need For Speed (Underground 2). With this camera, you'll have all the crazy NFS movement with high sensation of speed. Here are some characteristics: dynamic FOV Acceleration/braking kick Lateral rotation horizontal and vertical shift...
  10. C

    Screen goes black when changing camera

    So i just bought a new pc and installed content manager without making any changes to the settings i started a race and discoverd that when i change to cockpit view in some cars screen just goes black and not just cockpit but some other ones like tv cameras i will upload a video to show how it is
  11. S

    General Annoying POV Camera issue

    Yo, so does anybody have issues with the pov when they tab out of the game? Using ACCM ill load up a track but if i tab out the view gets all funky and im not able to fix it and i'll have to load up the whole track again, kind of weird but cant figure out any reason why? (The picture is after...
  12. FFF789

    Lake Garnett GP 1963 alternate camera file 1.0

    Alternate TV2 camera file for this beautiful track Lake Garnett GP 1963 - track link: Installation: extract into your assettocorsa installation folder: drive:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\assettocorsa
  13. EShglz

    TV camera replay of Jeddah V1.0

    TV camera replay of Jeddah
  14. EShglz

    F1 and MotoGP TV camera for Losai Circuit V1.0

    F1 and MotoGP TV camera for Losai Circuit, including 2 F1 cams and 1 MotoGP cam.
  15. THE Giulliano Larin

    Porto Piana Camtool replay by GiuNiral 1.1

    2 Sets of cameras for Porto Piana rally stage
  16. ferhn_

    [BUG] I have camera bug in Assetto Corsa

    Hello, I have problem with my camera in Assetto Corsa. I tried to unplug controller, reseting settings. I didn't tried to re-install game, beacause I've got ton of mods. Camera isn't centered of something. Here is picture of my problem:
  17. What’s Your View on Driving Views?

    What’s Your View on Driving Views?

    There’s no right or wrong way to enjoy a racing game or racing sim, but are certain titles better with a certain in-game viewpoint? In-car, Bonnet, T-Cam and Chase Cam are all popular perspectives to race from in major racing titles. A quick search for a recent F1 title will yield a lot of...
  18. THE Giulliano Larin

    Aspertsham - Camtool replay - GiuNiral 2.0

    Aspertsham is great for a leasure drive on the countryside. But I can't keep my foot off the throttle. Perhaps it's my anxiety kicking in... There are 3 camera sets, and GiuNiral_1B is a version with a minor variation on a couple shots. I hope you enjoy it.
  19. GTAce

    New cameras for Autodromo San Nicolás 1.0

    Track download: Car download:
  20. O

    Rear camera for McLaren 720s GT3 (whistleblower39) 2.1.2

    This download adds the missing rear camera monitor to whistleblower39's McLaren 720S GT3, just like the ACC version. Link to the car can be found here: Note: Requires Content Manager Patch to...