1. Richard Lofthouse

    BMW 125i BTCC camera views 1.0

    BTCC BMW 125i camera views CAR BMW 125i M Sport BTCC (Download link in download file) Install 1) First you must unpack the car using content manager 2) Unzip the download and place the file inside data folder 3) Repack the cars data folder...
  2. Tsuka1427

    Drone Camera Pro 0.3.3

    This is the professional version of the previously released Drone Camera. Features: Camera operation by Any Gamepad, Keyboard, Mouse. Flexible key assignment. Automatically tracking focused vehicle. Lower altitude limit to prevent breaking through the road surfaces. DOF and FOV adjustment...

    dashcam fov?

    Is it possible to change the FOV of the dashcam?
  4. THE Giulliano Larin

    Pico Veleta - Camtool replay by GiuNiral 2023-06-17

    2 sets of cameras, 1 for each version of Pico Veleta.
  5. Richard Lofthouse

    V8 Supercars Camera views Holden 1.0

    Not sure if anyone wants these camera views for the Holden V8 Supercars. I've edited them to the view i like. Install Unpack the car data for Holden V8 Supercar using Content manager then replace with this file (cameras) Repack the car data using content manager Delete data folder if needed.
  6. steevee

    Rfactor 2 Snetterton 300 ITV Broadcast cameras 1

    I created the ITV btcc/porsche cup broadcast camera set for this mod track.. Included are the standard 2 on set 1 and 2, and my set on 3.
  7. V

    Camtool for Tsukuba Fruits Line (Freeroam) 0.1

    This is my first experience with making a Camtool preset, because I wanted to have nice angles for my replays. You need Camtool if you want to use this preset, get it here: Still a work in progress...
  8. AlbertGeorge

    Porsche 911 GT3 R (992) Leica Renntechnik livery pack 1.0

    As a car guy and photographer, I always thought of Leica as the camera equivalent of Porsche. It might sound weird, but if you think about it, it's kinda true. Both are German, both have extensive legacy, both have changed their own industry, both stick to their traditions and both make...
  9. FFF789

    Carolina Motorsports Park TV Cameras 1.0

    Here are the sets of TV cams for GutBomb's Carolina Motorsports Park track in Kershaw, SC (gb_carolina_motorsports_park) as the track didn't have any. The track is fantastic to drive! :) Not to be confused with the other track and mod 'South Carolina Motorsports Park'. I made one TV camera set...
  10. THE Giulliano Larin

    Batang Kali Hillclimb - Camtool replay by GiuNiral 2023-04-09

  11. mclver

    Pereira Customs MARIOKART Track - Camtool replay 1.0

    Hello everyone, I have created a camtool file to enjoy this fun track :) I hope you have fun with it. Install instructions: - Install Camtool2 app - Drag and drop my file in content manager. Here is an example video from me:
  12. Criminal21

    How to change camera position?

    I would like to change my gauge camera, bc sometimes in different cars when I want to have the gauge camera instead of the first person camera the steering wheel just disappears and the camera stays where your driver is, This sucks bc I want it to be more realistic when driving with a wheel...
  13. E

    ShakyCam (KirbyCam Edit) 1.03

    ShakyCam A small edit of kirbyguy22's chase camera: Adds a very arcade-like version of camera shake to hard acceleration and hard braking, jumps and collisions, as well as high-speed. Also dynamicFOV...
  14. mclver

    Col de Turini by Gabenhood V1.5 Uphill Camtool replay 1.0

    Hello everyone, I created one camtool file for this nice rally track, which I would like to share with you. Here is an uncut video how it looks like ingame:
  15. Leonardo Ratafiá

    TV Camera for SS Moulinon Sector 2 layout 0.1

    A new camera set for the sector 2 of this amazing track
  16. A

    AhautNeck NeckFX config 1.1

    This is a custom NeckFX configuration file. You will need to have Custom Shaders Patch and Content Manager already installed. Please make a backup of your existing settings before use. These are my personal settings after spending a long time tinkering. With these settings: small bumps in the...
  17. THE Giulliano Larin

    Le Mans 1982 camtool replay by GiuNiral 2022-12-23

    4 camera sets for Le Mans 1982 regular starting grid.
  18. Zerokingfull

    Project Cars Close Chase Cam for Grid 2 1.2

    This mod is to recreate the camera position of project cars 1, this will allow you to see the race track properly The original mod is from Camera Mods v1.3 by AgentHeX 0007 Modified preset from 01 - LagRoll ON + Car Pull Away DEF +...
  19. Tenkuuno Pegasus

    Forest Park Driftway Camera 1.00

    Forest Park Driftway Camera for rFactor. Fixed the Trackside Camera(Replay Camera) to make it look better. Credits: Tenkuuno Pegasus Visit:
  20. Tenkuuno Pegasus

    YZ West Camera 1.00

    YZ Circuit West Camera for rFactor. Fixed the Trackside Camera(Replay Camera) to make it look better. Each time you press the Page Down key, the Trackside Camera Group(Replay Camera) will change. Credits: Tenkuuno Pegasus Visit: