1. FFF789

    Adelaide 1988 camera files 1.0

    Made TV Broadcast 1, TV Broadcast 2 and TV Static camera files. The original two will be placed after these. Just click overwrite or arrange them yourself manually.
  2. FFF789

    ACU Estoril 90s camera files 1.0

    Additional camera files "TV Broadcast" and "TV Static". Original first camera will be saved and these two will be placed after it.
  3. FFF789

    Cameras file for Sportsland SUGO 1.1

    I had to give a little attention and my small contribution to this legendary Super battle race track :) Track link download: It's one TV and one Static camera file. Just install and when asked to overwrite, click yes. The original...
  4. W

    Cars Weird blue shapes floating in front of camera

    Hello everyone, this is my first post on the forum! I've been modding for a while, and have successfully converted both cars and tracks. I'm currently converting the Hot Wheels cars from FH3, and with one of them I have this problem: Can you see the 3 shapes around the car? They can be seen...
  5. FFF789

    Sebring 0.8 RTB cameras 1.0

    The track has a basic TV camera set, so I decided to update that and bring an additional set of cameras to this iconic tracks for our replays :) Your original cameras set will remain intact. I tried to cover cameras that were used for IMSA Sebring 12 hrs race in 2019. So there's three sets...
  6. FFF789

    Road Atlanta camera files 1.0

    Wanted to add some more cameras to my replays. After couple of hours of decisions with this tough layout, what to put where, I've created something that's close to the TV broadcast of the IMSA race in 2018 and also made one static cameras set. Track link...
  7. N

    Adelaide 1988 Camtool2 TV Cam 2020-01-15

    this camera need Camtool2: File location:assettocorsa\apps\python\CamTool_2\data Hope you enjoy it!
  8. Please Stop This

    Custom Shaders Patch debug app Advanced 0.7

    Install: Unpack archive to AC root. Description: I made my own version of one of the four "Custom Shaders Patch" apps (available here: Its the debug app and atm it replaces the original in "assettocorsa\apps\python\AccExtHelper"...
  9. dfghjdrhjrty

    Satsuma DashCamera 1.0.0

    This is a very simple DashCamera for the satsuma My Discord [Add me if you want to request me to make something] BryanJMoDz#5017 [1.0.1] (Coming soon) --Rear Camera --Optimize polys --Add recording option [1.0.0] Release --First Release
  10. J

    Symmons Plains TV Camera 2019-04-09

    7 TV cameras for the AC Symmons Plains track
  11. Paul Ad

    Lausitzring TV camera (oval) 2019-02-20

    My idea of cameras at Lausitzring (oval) The cameras are for this route ->
  12. Leonardo Ratafiá

    TV Cameras for Abbeville 0.1

    Some TV cameras for this little fun track in France. Also added UI missing information, track outline, AI Spline Boundaries and map. AI fast_lane included is the one made by @Cote Dazur Track is kind of abandoned project/conversion but it's fun to drive and drift. link...
  13. Schmockiiii

    Camera setup LIKE REAL LIFE !! FINAL

  14. Leonardo Ratafiá

    TV Cameras for Buzetski Dani 0.1

    New camera for this hill climb track It also includes map, UI info and new It will replace the original, so backup previously if you want and overwrite everything Click here to check my other cameras...
  15. A

    Newbie question - camera view

    I just bought this game for the PS4 and we are trying to play in 2 player mode. This is embarrassing but the car on the right is only using the rear camera and I cant make it look forward. I have tried everything and nothing works in 2 player mode. Is there something we are missing? I have run...
  16. HK2014

    Remove shaking camera

    Hello, i wanted to ask if there was some settings i could tweak to remove the annoying shaking camera while going at a high speed on some roads which have small bumps. I don't think my explanation is clear, i don't know how to describe this feeling but i found that very subject on another forum...
  17. Paul Ad

    TV cam for Okayama 1994 0.9

    TV cam Okayama 1994 Okayama 1994 ->
  18. G2_70

    Realistic camera MOD 1.5

    Camera Mod I'm back with Camera Mod for F1 2018. This mod fix all ugly default camera of the game for 2018 AND classic cars and also add few others. This mod contain : For 2018 cars : - Realistic T-cam (USE DEFAULT CAMERA SETTINGS) - Realistic low angle T-cam (2nd driver use this camera) -...
  19. Leonardo Ratafiá

    TV Cameras for West Zao S 0.1

    Some basic cameras for this track which is basically an S corner called West Zao by @skyflightmusic Since no AI lane was recorded (intentionally) I created 5 different cameras and you have to cycle them either with the "switch camera" icon on the replay bar or by pressing F3 and when you get to...
  20. Droplin

    Onboard settings app not working

    Hey guys, i've run into an issue where my onboard settings app is properly adjusting everything except pitch. All other controls seem to work properly, seat position, height etc. Didn't find this kind of issue on the forums so hope some of you can help me sort it out. P.s I'm not talking about...
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