DiRT Rally 2.0 | Final Update #2 Deployed

A second (lol) final update for DiRT Rally 2.0 has unexpectedly dropped for the rally simulation earlier today.
  • Cut track improvements to Sweden.
  • Minor performance tweaks.
  • Final build release of the game.
Somewhat unexpectedly, Codemasters have today deployed another 'final' update for their DiRT Rally 2.0 title - adding a few minor tweaks to the simulation ahead of closing out development for this highly underrated and somewhat excellent rally simulation.

They already released what was considered to be the very last update a few weeks previously, however it appears that the British development team couldn't quite resist one final quick hotfix update, with a few final minor tweaks and performance improvements - although these have not been considered to be significant enough to warrant a mention in the accompanying change notes.

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Update 1.17 Update Notes;


  • Höljes, Sweden - Adjusted track limits to prevent significant corner-cutting in rare instances.
  • Adjusted performance of dynamic trackside signage.
  • Minor bug fixes and stability improvements (none notable enough to be highlighted).

Don't forget that if you are a bit of a fan of the sideways action, the RDRC (RaceDepartment Rally Championship) is an outstanding way to participate in some great online action. Amateur racers and real world professional teams and drivers come together to enjoy this outstanding title, and you can get involved too - head over to the RDRC sub forum and get involved!

Original Source; DiRT Rally 2.0 Steam.

Check out the DiRT Rally 2.0 sub forum here at RaceDepartment for all the news and chat around this awesome rally simulation.

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Nov 24, 2016
And still, some achievements are buggy (specially, those related to owning the DLC cars...).
It is always nice to see they haven't abandoned the game completely. Hope some day they allow for a more friendly approach to livery mods on DLC cars.
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Dr. Death

Aug 22, 2017
Cool. That means knowing Codemaster's MO they will soon give it away for free before their license ends, and knowing how proffitable Dirt 1 and Dirt 2 was they are sure to work on a third version.


Feb 3, 2017
Need to give this another try. I fell in love with WRC9 and neglected this. Anyone tried both?


Sep 24, 2014
DR 2.0 in my opinion is leagues ahead of WRC7. Only thing is it doesn’t have official WRC content. But it has McRae’s 98 Subaru so who cares!;)
Yup will give it a try since I caught the Rally bug. On another note man that Official WRC site is very confusing to try and watch full stages.


Oct 14, 2008
Shame!! I think i could buy more dlc for this great sim, many cars still to be released like Ferrari 308 Gtb, Citröen Visa Chronos, Toyota Corolla, Celica, etc don't very interesting for me Dirt5

Rodger Davies

Apr 17, 2011
Just my 2p to add to the above comments, but if you're wondering if Dirt Rally 2.0 is worth trying I'd say it absolutely is.

Is it perfect? No. And there was some controversy in its lifespan to do with the business model and which content was selected for DLC (which personally I don't agree with, but hey), but now the full game is available in a single package you'll get over 200km of the best modelled rally stages you'll find anywhere with excellent loose surface physics (tarmac is fun but a bit iffy, don't expect AC) and a great car selection that each feel and sound unique. If you've waited until now you'll get superb value from it. The RWD content, both the 70s Escort/131 and modern RGT classes particularly excel IMO.

I'm really hopefully with what they can do with another title before their WRC adventure starts - at this point, I'm more worried that the WRC licence will mean no more great historic/GT cars and 'lesser known' locations (the US stages, for example, are superb).
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Oct 7, 2016
Need to give this another try. I fell in love with WRC9 and neglected this. Anyone tried both?
I loved dirt rally 1 but it felt weird on tarmac and overall you could just do a bit too much "flat out". The cars felt like weighting only half of what they really weight.
But a lot of fun!

Dirt rally 2.0... I was so hyped. Bought it at full price, started it and was like "Meh?".
The adrenaline rush from dirt rally 1 just didn't happen. I felt like juggling raw eggs.
Felt more realistic but just no fun for me.. Tried a lot of different cars and stages but the spark never became a flame.
It feels like the cars weight 2x as much as in real life, tarmac still feels a bit weird.
I uninstalled it..

Same for one of my best mates who loved dirt rally 1!

We also tried wrc 7 but that felt a bit.. I don't know, just weird and a bit "gamey" with the camera movements and overall handling.
I installed a physics mod for it and it was a lot of fun but also hard work. The cars felt good but like weighting 5x as much as in real life so we didn't really play that either as "going slow and carefully" isn't as much fun as just going for the thrill in dirt rally 1.

A few weeks ago we tried wrc 9 and after dialing it in (disable dynamic fov, adjust the camera, set our 100 hz gsync monitor to... 100 hz in windows, 85 hz in the game, activating vsync in the game and limiting the fps to 60 via Riva tuner (wtf this game has a buggy console-port engine!), it's running smoothly now and the ffb is just awesome!

It's a bit dead around the center but when you're drifting, the steering wheel throws itself into opposite lock, tarmac feels awesome, snow and gravel are great too!
I installed it, dialed it in and was grinning for 2 hours straight.

Went to my friend the next day, dialed in his Logitech dfgt (he has the same monitor luckily) and he went grinning for another hour :D

It's not the prettiest game out there and sadly kinda demanding on your graphics card but I just love it!
Career is fun too with the office style!