[Dec 10, 2013] GTL: TC65 Mini Cooper S & Mini Clubman 1275GT (Mondello Park International)

Rupe Wilson


Class: TC-65 Mini Cooper & GTC-TC-76 Mini Clubman 1275GT ( Download )( Sounds Download )
Track: Mondello Park International (Default)

See Main Forum for Official Race Time Clock

------------------------- Race 1 ---------------------------------

Practice start time: GMT 20:00 (20 mins)
Qualification start time: GMT 20:20 (single lap)
Race start time: GMT 20:30 ( 14 laps)
------------------------- Race 2 ----------------------------------

Practice start time: GMT 20:50 (20 mins)
Qualification start time: GMT 21:10 (single lap)
Race start time: GMT 21:20 ( 14 laps )

Rupe Wilson

Note1: CLUB RACING RULES CLICK ME for GTL. Please read the rules they have been updated 6/11/2013 and post a reply that you have read and understood the rules
Note 2: Only default liveries please
Note 3: We are using the SIMBIN lobby for this event. See here how to switch lobby
Note 4: Race 1 = Mini / Race 2 = Clubman GR5
Note 5:
We run Super-Pole qualification: You only get a single attempt to set a time (1 Out-lap + 1 timed lap). If you mess it up, tough luck!
Note 6: Watch your driving please
Please Install the mini 1275 to the GTC-TC-76 car folder
Installation of the sound mod Extract/Unzip to "...\GTL" (game main folder) and overwrite files if prompted.

Server password:
click here
Racing rules: click here

If you have not entered the server and driven a few laps with fellow drivers before we go to qually you are to late for that session. Please think of your fellow drivers get out on track with them watch how they drive,
you can't race with guys you have not seen drive.
WE all brake a little different and drive the corners different , get used to how they drive and then we can all race safer.
if you drop out of the server during qually you can return

This is being held in our Club, using Club Rules, and should be driven in that spirit.
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Rupe Wilson

Brickyard Legends Team present :
Mini 1275GT

In 1969, under the ownership of British Leyland, the Mini was given a facelift by stylist Roy Haynes, who had previously worked for Ford. The restyled version was called the Mini Clubman, and has a squarer frontal look, using the same indicator/sidelight assembly as the Austin Maxi. The Mini Clubman was intended to replace the upmarket Riley and Wolseley versions. A new model, dubbed the 1275GT, was slated as the replacement for the 998 cc Mini Cooper (the 1,275 cc Mini Cooper S continued alongside the 1275GT for two years until 1971). British Leyland continued to produce the classic 1959 "round-front" design, alongside the newer Clubman and 1275GT models (which were replaced in 1980 by the new hatchback Austin Metro, while production of the original "round-front" Mini design continued for another 20 years.
Production of the Clubman and 1275GT got off to a slow start because the cars incorporated "lots of production changes" including the relocation of tooling from the manufacturer's Cowley plant to the Longbridge plant: very few cars were handed over to customers before the early months of 1970. Early domestic market Clubmans were still delivered on cross-ply tyres despite the fact that by 1970 radials had become the norm for the car's mainstream competitors. By 1973 new Minis were, by default, being shipped with radial tyres, though cross-plies could be specified by special order, giving British buyers a price saving of £8.
The 1275GT is often incorrectly described as the "Mini Clubman 1275GT". The official name was always just the "Mini 1275GT", and it was a separate, distinct model from the Clubman (although it shared the same frontal treatment as the Mini Clubman, and was launched at the same time). Also it has to be noted that in Australia the local division did not want to move using Mk II differencies as the retooling machinery in Australian factory would have costed too much. They solved the problem by launcing the car as Mini Clubman GT, which main differences to 1275GT was the slidable windows, smaller rear window and small rear lights. Basically it was hybrid of Mk I Mini and square nose clubman.
In 1971, the 1,275 cc Mini Cooper S was discontinued in the UK, leaving the Mini 1275GT as the only sporting Mini on sale for the rest of the decade. Innocenti in Italy, however, continued making their own version of the Mini Cooper for some time. While the UK built 1275GT was not nearly as quick as a 1275 Mini Cooper S, it was cheaper to buy, run, and insure. It was the first Mini to be equipped with a tachometer. It also featured a standard-fit close-ratio gearbox. Performance of the 1275GT was lively for the time, achieving 0–60 mph (97 km/h) in 12.9 seconds, and the excellent midrange torque offered a 30–50 mph (48–80 km/h) time in top gear of only nine seconds. The bluff front, however, meant that the model struggled to reach 90 mph (140 km/h).
At the end of Clubman and 1275GT production, 275,583 Clubman saloons, 197,606 Clubman Estates and 110,673 1275GTs had been made.
As for the racing, there was really big problem in Cooper S that was fixed with clubmans; due Cooper S having short nose and hood / bonnet arching down towards grille, the new crossflow 8-port cylinder head had some serious problems fitting carburators and trumpets between grille and engine. 1275GT again has few cm longer frontend and so gives enough space to fit Double weber carbs and intakes without modyfying hood or bodyworks, which was required by Grp 2 regulations. However As the BMLC was losing money fast, 1275GT never got really chance to proove it competitiness as competition department was closed down in abington in July 1970. There is some other information that is covered with a haze. Due information error, the 8 port cylinder head was group2 homologated in early 1970 for Cooper S, but not for the Clubman. However as the car inspectors adapted rules different ways, there's many examples of 8 port group 2 1275GTs being raced so due another regulation about being accepted in FIA regulated race, some part becomes instantly accepted, so in practice did made no difference. Again, the intake injection which was accepted for Cooper S after late 1970 (but was still very rare as being really expensive to setup correctly), was not accepted for 1275GT, so all Group 2 1275GTs were powered by dual 45 DCOE sidedraft carburators. Group 5 cars again could run what ever they wanted and some 1275GTs did have fuel injection. After 1975, Clubman based cars moved to use 12" wheels. Before that, Group 2 entries were limited to use 10" wheels. Group 5 cars used 12" wheels earlier and even 13" was tested, but for rallies bigger wheels affected the handling negatively on loose surfaces, so only racers used bigger wheel sizes.
Before closure, Abington however prepared 6 clubman bodystyle cars for Group 5 regulations between 1969 and summer 1970. Four of them were raced but unfortunately early problems resulted DNFs. two last cars were prepared for two different Rallies, but due closure of Abington, they never ran, but were sold as private cars. This mod has 4 paint jobs of 3 different cars of the last 6 ever built Works Minis presented, including last ever Works entry to compete international race. "SOH 878H" registered Group 5 Mini 1275GT was entered in 1970 Marathon de la Route, which was known also as 86 hours of Nürburgring. Driven by Mini Legends Alec Poole, John Rhodes and Julien Vernaeve. Unfortunately failed head gasket caused the team retire the race. This mod features the exact race paint job confirmed by Alec Poole himself and kiwisteve replicated with a great talent. Also later private team Rallying paint job of same car is found as well. Two works cars that never raced as such, are included as well. cars were registed as "YMO 885J" and "YMO 886J". After these, 1275GT was raced privately in rallies and races with some success. Dane Erik M. Hoyer ran successfully one of the few Group 2 cars which were originally ordered with the race spec from Abington before it's shut down. Mostly 1275GT competed with mediocre success, due the fact that BMLC did not made any technical development for the cars anymore.
...Until Group 1b was choosen as classification for BTCC. Richard Longman was one of the engine tuners who founded their own workshop after the works in Abington ended. In 1978 as suprise to many, Longman won overal championship of BTCC with Group 1b 1275GT. Some say it was due engine size classification and that in under 1300cc class there was only few opponents. However 1979 Longman repeated the victory showing that it was only because of luck. The mod includes both winning group 1b cars as well as few opposition skins. Group 1b physics have been calibrated so that Simca Rallye Grp 1 cars are close in performance and should provide some good competition. Also, group 1b cars are placed to TC-65 as their performance is rather slow compared to works Group 2 and Group 5 entries.

About making the physics:
Although the final physic set took about a week to make, this is probably first mod to feature physics that have been proven in long period running online racing while in development. Excluding the Group 1b cars, three other physics are based on Mini Cooper KAD Works mod's physics, which were origininally built just in few days to have a car for F1 Venue Championship online racing season 2012, but during the 19 race season (which covered almost 3000 km total race distance) several real world based upgrades were introduced to keep up with much bigger opposition. Development eventually lead to two things: In hands of Geoff and Zsoca, Mini becoming such strong opposition that it was taken really serious contender and three different physic sets you have here in this mod.

four physics sets included :
1275GTKadWorks5Spd.HDC (KAD Works Mini- 12'' inch wheels, GTC-TC-76)
MINI_1275GT12.HDC (Group5- 12'' inch wheels, TC-76)
MINI_1275GT10.HDC (Group2- 10'' inch wheels, TC-76)
MINI_1275GTgrp1b.HDC (Group1b- 12'' inch wheels, TC-65)

NOTE : mod DOES NOT include sounds. Sounds used are made from Ducfreak and can be found here : http://www.nogripracing.com/details.php?filenr=16133

Credits :
- simbin for the Austin Mini Cooper S
- papag21 : 3d, mapping, file structure, template, skins
- Nappe1 : physics
- kiwisteve : skins
- hkhoy : skins
- whoops : skins
- Ney.Dias : testing

KAD Works team special thanks:
- Geoffers (driver)
- Zsoca (driver)
- Gvrc-Stophel (driver)
- gvrc-gigabyte (driver)
- motorfx (mechanic)

special thanks to Mark Bevington and Alec Poole for their help!!

Installation instructions:
- extract folder to X:/GTL/Gamedata/Teams/GTC-TC-76


Rupe Wilson

Server is up
but will drop tomorrow to give space for the GSC league event,
and will be back up after the event. :)

Rupe Wilson

The Rsvp has caused a few data based error and will not be used.

please sign up in the old fashioned way sorry guys back to typing :)

Tim Ling

It's a million-to-1 chance, but it just might work
I'll do my best to be there Rupe, I :inlove: the Mini's, and the 1275 is great! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::D:D:p:cool::cool::cool:

What 1275 are we using? Gr1, Gr2, Gr5?

Jack Smith

Sign me up please. Having a problem downloading the default track???? Must be Internet Explorer acting up again....... ......LOL

Tim Ling

It's a million-to-1 chance, but it just might work
THOROUGHLY enjoyed these cars :D:):thumbsup::thumbsup::inlove:. It helped that I'm finally learning Mondello Park. Unfortunately I was troubled by lag though.

R1: P2 on the grid, but I bogged down at the start and ended up in 5th. Some great battles + other peoples mistakes saw me in 2nd by mid-race, but I caught the grass coming on to the back straight, and although I rescued the slide, Jack swept past me. Chased Jack hard, but lightly nudged his bumper on the 3rd to laast corner of the last lap, so I eased up and came home 3rd :D

R2: Again P2 on the grid, this time I was 4th by T1. However, after grabbing 3rd, and again chasing Jack, my lag caused me to hit him and spin him :cry: Sorry Jack. To avoid any more issues I quit out. Found out my daughter had been d/l anime :mad:, but at least I know what caused the lag

Jack Smith

Ah... good to have that lag issue solved Tim by something as simple as that. You are good to go next time.

I had two good races, both involving battles with Tim. I must say I love my cat...especially with barbecue sauce .... but I can't be too tough on her because even though she decided to pay me a visit which caused me to struggle for a bit and then lose it, while I was trying to hold off Steve and defend 2nd place in race 2, I ran out of fuel on the last lap and got DNF anyway. The out come would have been the same even if she didn't show up in front of my monitors looking for attention. The cars felt great with Steve's setups and I was driving with confidence and control. I did notice a charging Roland behind me lose it on the double downhill right hander. I hope I wasn't the cause of your misfortune Roland, as I was cutting in for the corner and you were approaching from the inside.
All most had two more podiums to hang on my wall.

Great driving by Denis. Too bad Rupe, Roland and Hans had to leave.
Cheers all. Thanks Rupe

Rupe Wilson

Sorry for the drop I lost my connection
they were doing some sort of maintenance on the fibre optic line at the main box.
only just got reconnected :mad::(

After all the practice me Steven and Denis had put in...
took a while to get to grips with the 1275 GT

Denis Betty

The older I get, the better I was.
Well, that was the most enjoyable evenings racing yet for me. I seem to do better in FWD cars (coz they're easier) and I REALLY like Minis. As @Rupe Wilson mentioned, we did a lot of practice in the 1275 on Monday night so I felt confident of a decent showing. Unfortunately I'd done a grand total of no practice in the Cooper.

In practice 1 I was running in 2nd but at least a second behind @Steven Walker and qualified in 2nd. I got a reasonable start but missed my breaking point in T1 and rearend shunted Steve. Sorry mate I'm an idiot. At least it didn't seem to caost you any time. Can't say the same for me coz I back off fearing the worst and was swamped... serves me right. I then had a great battle with @Allan Ramsbottom which was effectively ended when Allan slid wide in the downhill double right hander. I saw a gap and went for it, only to see it slam shut as Allan gathered it up (much to my surprise). I'd taken Allan off and had to wait. Allan was damaged and DNF'd... sorry mate. We'd lost a lot of time and I finished last. I deserved it

The planets came into alignment for R2 though. All the practice paid off and I was able to pip @Tim Ling to pole. Rupe was not able to make either race because of his connection issue (that's really bad luck especially after the run you've had lately) and Steve elected to start from the back. I got a good start and was able to pull out a small gap. Jack and Tim were pushing hard until but Tim's lag problem was hampering them so Tim pulled out. Then Jack had his cat distraction but was still catching me until he ran out of fuel. Rotten luck Jack, sorry mate. Then Steve, who had driven a storming race from the back, caught me just as I took the flag..... WOW!

I don't mean to take pleasure from the missfortune of others (the Germans have a word for that... shardenfruede or something), but this was my first sim race win so a big chuffty badge for me.

Hope to see you all next race, where I fully expect to be trounced as usual.

Steven Walker

Slowly getting better!
The mini's were great fun to drive, especially the 1275 GR5 mod. This baby took quite some getting used to as it wanted to spin at just the thought of touching the brake, but with the help of @Denis Betty the night before and about 60/70 laps we finally tamed it to the point where we could reliably and consistently get it around the circuit.

Race 1 in the default Mini Cooper S was an exercise in concentration for me as I have a tendancy to let my mind wander when I'm on my own but this time I was able to stay focused and took 1st place by a good margin. In hindsight I should have started from the back and tried to make my way through the pack (a fact that was gently suggested by @Allan Ramsbottom :O_o:)

Race 2 in the 1275 GR5 and after taking Allan's advice I started at the back of the grid. The first two laps were spent trying to find a pass on Hans who seemed to find the car a bit of a handful but eventually I got the undercut on him around the back of the circuit and a couple of corners further on I came across @Roland Warmenhoven who had just spun off gifting me another place.:redface:
So now I was up to 4th spot and chasing down @Jack Smith who found some great pace after getting clear of @Tim Ling who quit out due to his issue with lag and this gave me 3rd place, A few more laps was spent gradually closing in on Jack and I was almost on his tail when I saw him lose it on the last bend as a result of the Cooking Fat incident.:roflmao:
Now I was in 2nd place and on a charge to close in on a flying @Denis Betty who was a fair distance in front. A few hot laps was all it took took to bring the gap down to about 4 seconds and a few more brought it down to close to 2 seconds. It was about this point in the race race that I screwed up a few times and allowed the gap to open up again but Denis seemed to slow quite a bit on the last lap and I caught him quite rapidly (I suppose he was ensuring that he finished :cool:) but it wasn't enough and he took a very well earned and well deserved first place.

Many congratulations on your first win Denis, now we'll be expecting you to finish first more often.:thumbsup::laugh: Commiserations to Jack for RUNNING OUT OF FUEL. Ooops! did I say that out loud?:roflmao: Glad that the setup helped you mate. Thanks to everyone for turning out, it was a blast. See you next race.:thumbsup:
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