[Dec 10, 2013] GTL: TC65 Mini Cooper S & Mini Clubman 1275GT (Mondello Park International)


:thumbsup:Congratulations Denis, you knew you had that win coming..
I'm happy to see most of you gents had a good time, unfortunately I had a few things in the way of that myself..:(

First and foremost, I should learn once and for all that I'm hopeless in FWD cars.. I've done plenty of races in the default Mini, I even drove a race series in one at some point, I have a few really good setups, but I just can't adapt to FWD driving style when needed. So in the first race I was fighting myself more than racing you gents..:(

Second, that Group5 Mini is quite a little beast with bad temper. Even with about half an hour of free practice I still couldn't get the thing to keep facing the right direction.. So I really should stay away from cars that are both FWD and require... err... offline practice!?! Yuck!:sick::D

On top of that there was another ongoing issue that kept me from staying focused, but which I won't discuss here..

The combination of the latter two however was enough to make me quit R2 after just a few laps..
Quite immature, I know and I'm sorry, but I was just NOT enjoying myself..:poop:

Grats to the guys on podium, thanks Rupe for the event, and once again sorry for being a bad sport..

Allan Ramsbottom

last nite was not so good for me,i cud,nt get to grips with the little chap at all.race 1 i was all over the place,and after a slight mishap with @Denis Betty in the double apex,i ran a bit wide and denis seeing a gap went for it :geek:,i managed to save it,gearing dwn an flooring it back on to the track,but unfortuanatley we collided and i came off..well decent of denis to wait on the side lines for me,but on looking at reply i think i was more the guilty party,it was a close call, i dont no,,anyway sorry m8 for you comin last..:whistling:..

Race 2..
WHOO HOOOOOOO..who is,nt a VIRGIN anymore @Denis Betty. BIG well done m8,deserved it.new it wud come soon..you mastered that mini round that track like a greyhound on whizz..;):p:)..
my race again was pants so im not saying anymore on it..Always a BIG thanks to @Rupe Wilson and his biatch:laugh:,think he,s called @Steven Walker or summat like that..sorry u were,nt there for the full nite rupe, but hey ho onwards and upwards..great nite boys, a pleasure as always..c u soon..:thumbsup:
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