Complete Controller Software for Sim (Racing) Rigs

With todays release 2.8.6, another cycle in the development of the Simulator Controller Suite is slowly coming to an end. With Assetto Corsa Competizione, rFactor 2, RaceRoom Racing Experience and now also iRacing, 4 simulations are fully supported, including integration for Jona, the virtual race engineer. In detail, release 2.8.6 brings the following new functions:

1. Complete integration of iRacing via a specialized plug-in
2. Control of the Pitstop Black Boxes in iRacing with the Button Box via the integrated "Pitstop" mode
3. Full support for iRacing via Jona, the virtual race engineer
4. New actions "Accept" and "Reject" in order to be able to control Jona largely from the button box even without voice commands.

The next cycle is again dedicated to artificial intelligence. If everything goes as planned, in the end we will see the driver fully supported by a virtual racing strategist. Just as Jona supports you as a race engineer with technical questions and automatically determines the settings for an upcoming pitstop, this virtual racing strategist will calculate the ideal time for a pitstop based on the positions and likely strategies of all other drivers. Completion of the automated setup database is also on the plan for the coming cycle.
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With version 3.0 - as announced - the next development cycle begins, the further expansion of support for the driver. For some time now, the virtual race engineer has been collecting data from the various sessions and, of course only with consent, transfers it to a central server for consolidation. Release 3.0 now brings a first tool with which this setup information (tire selection and air pressure) can be queried depending on the vehicle, route and weather conditions. An extrapolation method helps to determine setup instructions for conditions that have not yet been "experienced".

Race Engineer Setups 1.JPG

Another note at this point: You always have access to your own data, you only get access to the (tire) setup information of the community if you also contribute to the development of the database. Therefore it may be time to reconsider your own consent.