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  1. T

    DisplayMagician: Automate display/audio/app changes with a single desktop shortcut

    Hi! Do some of your games require that you use your triple monitors individually, yet other games require you use a single NVIDIA Surround screen? Do you get as frustrated as I do with having to modify your display settings when changing from one game to another? Well I do! Or I did. That's...
  2. TheBigO

    Complete Controller Software for Sim (Racing) Rigs

    Hello all, I have a little Xmas present for you. In the past few months I've been working on a software as an integrated solution to control every aspect of our beloved sim rigs. The basic idea is to put your button box in total control of every aspect of the simulation, including tactile and...
  3. Brake Point Trainer Software for Racing Driver Development

    Brake Point Trainer Software for Racing Driver Development

    In this video, I introduce you to our new Brake Point Trainer Software for driver development. This is the latest in several new pieces of software to help t...
  4. Ghiaman1334

    Lenovo problem

    Hi y'all, Excuse my lack of specifics: I'm posting this away from my PC. I have a Lenovo laptop, running Windows 10. Nvidia GeForce of some kind on the inside. I've been reinstalling my mods for AC and so on and, out of nowhere, my file unzipping software AnyZIP stopped opening. Not needing to...
  5. Kenneth Jurmann

    Is there an general FFB Tool/App

    Hey everyone, sim-wheels often don't come with linear ffb. Some are more "responsive" others are not very "accurate" with their linearity. For years now, we are stuck with what the sim-dev would give us to correct those inaccuracies or design-choices. Some devs give us more values to change...