Community Question | Win With Ease, Or Fight For Last?

Would you rather....

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Oct 24, 2011
This will be very funny.. The second option will easily win, people will share a lot of fun experiences about fighting to don't be the last and anything else, but, when the weekend come, everyone will want a ease win in your weekly league...


Apr 5, 2014
I like to make it to 7th at least especially in historic F1 races, i used to love the TOCA series playing as Ryan the Rookie and i guess in the back of my mind i like to roleplay as a Rookie Driver, and not as a Senna or Schumacher, for me i love the legends in front where they should always be


May 17, 2019
I never win with ease, but If I had to choose between claiming first place in the opening laps and then bringing it home with some pressure from behind (which is a far more realistic scenario for me) or having an amazing battle at the back, I will propably still choose the win. But what matters most to me is that I know I gave my best and did no major mistakes. I that leaves me with 15th place: fine, but if I win thats of course better.
Mar 1, 2013
A race that is too easy, wasn't worth racing, is my way of seeing it.
I prefer finishing dead last, but fighting hard the whole race.


May 8, 2020
Sure a win is great. But I love a good fight, it also teaches you the race craft when battling with a another driver. Even if it's at the back I would still prefer a fight then a boring race at the front.
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Jan 6, 2019
That's like asking if I prefer hotlapping or racing :D

I recently did an AI race in GTEs around Sebring in rFactor 2, about 45 minutes or so. I lead most of the race and won but it was only fun because I kind of suck at tire management and my tires were gone by the end of the race with the people behind quickly closing in. That kind of battle, similar to fighting for (second to) last, is really the only reason I race


Jul 9, 2020
The hell with tough wins. Give me the best car and NC(No Competition) every time. I battle every day to stay alive, this is supposed to be fun. :whistling:
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Jan 2, 2015
Haha. We race to win, so no matter how you do it, winning is the best feeling.

Having said that, sim-racing is challenging on many fronts: 1) Driving fast consistently 2) Overtaking other cars 3) Having the best strategy. If at least one of these 3 elements presents a challenge within your reach, you can have fun.

So for example you can be slower than the top drivers but in a fight within a tight pack, where your racing skills can put you ahead. Or you can be fighting at the top for a podium position where you need to drive as fast as possible. Or you can play the undercut game in the pits and leave your opponents wondering what happened.

If all of those three aspects are above your level or too easy for you, then frustration or boredom kick in. This is why sim racing has a learning curve and you need to make the effort to bring your driving/racing/strategy to a good level.

This is also why making a good sim racing title is not easy, as you need to offer a balanced experience with realistic driving physics and setup (not arcade but not too hard to get into), racing (decent netcode allowing for large grids, good rating system and matchmaking, decent AI for training) and strategy options (endurance racing, driver swap, weather, realistic tire/brakes consumption, engine maps, damage etc.). I may be a fanboy here, but I think ACC is a good example of a sim that has done a good job at nailing those aspects.
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Sep 3, 2014
top T10 is great. Its all about a good set up. Your fighting for last, you need to look at your set up.

Dave Thayer

Mar 31, 2018
What is the point of racing if you win every time with ease. I enjoy good competitive racing where I earn each position in the race and
try to gain as many positions I can. Door to Door clean racing is nerve racking but also fun and I learn from each race experience.

If it is fighting to stay out of last place, a mid pack position, or a top 5 place position, I want to have a competitive challenge to each race.
Not start out in first place and run away with each race.
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Nov 3, 2015
Er, that's a bit polarised. I love fighting for a podium ( or even just a top 5 ), but I'm not really motivated enough to fight that much if I'm stuck down in p15 & not making any progress.

Wilko Jones

Oct 17, 2017
I'd rather fight and just barely lose out on 11th out of 12, than cruise my way to an easy win. The only times I dislike placing last is if I cannot keep up at all (I've been there). There's nothing like a good battle for position.
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Mar 30, 2009
Best part of simracing is fighting wheel to wheel with another driver. And when you have a good battle the finishing position doesn't really matter. The battle is just so much fun in itself. When you are ahead it is this puzzle of picking the right side, whether to defend or let the other guy have it because choosing one side here gives you the inside in the next corner or letting the other guy pass because the slipstream on the straight is really long... and when you are behind and the guy ahead is doing the defending well it is a sort of a puzzle to try to find a way around. Making it three way battle makes it super tactical especially if you are the second car.

That being said if it was a big serious competition then a dominating win would surely feel very good too. But I don't do e-sports so I don't know about that.
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Jun 6, 2015
"Fair fight" is a looser's excuse to be a looser. If a simulator give the the option to sabotage opponents car's, kidnap their kids, break their knees, torch their home or any other thing like that that could make sure that the looser keep loosing, I do it. Like Dick Dastardly going full Cosa Nostra.

The only thing off limits is dogs... you shall never hurt a dog. But cats are game on. I could barbecue your cats to win a race.
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Jan 7, 2017
This is truly a simracer poll. No offense.
When I watch real race driver interviews they all seem to want to be at P1 after Qualifying, defend P1 at T1 and then control the race to the chequered flag.
Because winning gets you paid by the best teams. Not sure they care much for good fights mid pack when all they do is loose time to the front which is hard to make up again.

I don't mind such a win either. Especially when I trained hard for that.
But nowadays I don't mind being a top 10 finisher and having to fight for places.
But again, I do not need these fights desperately. And if somebody comes up the ranks with much better lap times than I can ever manage I occasionally let those pass. More than once I discovered these are the last to first challengers who recklessly try to overtake to fulfill their goal.... And I hate being crashed by reckless drivers.

Overall my vote goes to "win with ease".
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