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Community Question | Win With Ease, Or Fight For Last?

Nice topic.
However... I feel like really should be something in between. :unsure:
I used to be much more hardcore dude and now as years passing by... I ain't got so much time to waste.
Not saying that I need to win, but I definitely don't want to mess up for two hours on setup then, after all the efforts, to end it all in some ditch beside the track. Grand Prix Legends I'm looking at you. :devilish:
I like AI to be hard. But not too hard for me to HAVE to push like mad ALL LAPS. Just that. I'm not Lewis Hamilton.
For me, racing nirvana is when you're in the group of cars (or some open-wheelers, since I'm that kind of guy) and you drive fast but no one is gaining much on some part of the track. Just... race while following fast. Gaining on some parts of the track is usual in today's gaming. But that's bogus. Looks so artificial to me.
But hey... how many games like that do you know, right ? :geek:
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I always lose anyway lol This just gives me the options to get a win or fight hard for the position I usually get with ease, so I'll take a win!


WhAt GoEs ArOuNd CoMeS ArOuNd
Clean and fair fights and the icing on the cake is the win. Any easy win has no story so it won’t be memorable.
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I think this question has already been put on the board before within the last half year or so?
Well, I'll answer again.

Most offline fun I had for a very long time was in early spring this year 2020 in the rFactor1 F1-1991 mod in a Coloni Ford C4 on a Siracusa, Sicily track mod.

At full GP-distance it was a balance of nursing the engine and car, pitch pitstop strategi just to follow the back of the field, preventing a DNF (typically overheated engine by the mod) and with a no mercy fight just bringing the car to 3rd last, slipping to 2nd last with four laps to go. And in the very last corner just a minor error, so I came dead last to the finish with less than 0.5 sec gap. Although getting lapped a mere four times by Ayrton Senna, Riccardo Patrese, Jean Alesi and Alain Prost, not even in longer endurance simracing runs I've been that sweathy and like in a trance mode difficult to let go off the grip post race. So much adrenaline in body and head, even a full two hours later.

Also remember a ACC online full wet race event a month later on modern Paul Richard with extremely close battle for the last 6-7 spots. I think the race was just 45 minutes, at the finish line I've just hoped that it had been twice the distance, even that victory was long out of sight.

But ofcourse an intense wheel-to-wheel battle for hours down to the bone for victory is ofcourse preferable.

In SimRaceway I had a lot of too easy wins with many beginners crashing into each other.
This summer I re-opened my iRacing account after 10 years of hibernation. I really like the iRating and safety-point system, ensuring that you always have the possibility for a close battle. I think ACC and rF2 should look a bit more into this, as member accounts are growing.
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I will take some easy wins for a year or so and then back to mid pack . After about 1,000 races in various leagues and formats I only have about 5 wins. These are not public lobby races but races I have prepared for. So yeh, some wins would be nice. I dont really race much lately anyway though


I wonder how many of us are answering the way we are because we're rarely first? I'd probably love it, can't really say though :D
You never learn more than on a difficult race ... Big fights, hard conditions, unexpected race events.
Every race driver that wins a race alone too easely, will say that it was a "practice day" more than a race !

So if you have to choose, choose the fight ^_^


Was it not Attila the Hun who said "Second place is first loser."
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I wish we had more difficult but clean "fights". Unfortunately, this is not what happens in virtual races. I have had several cases, for example AMS and pCars2, generally wide in the middle of the pack, as well as in most tracks, (1.5 to 5 seconds slower, due to the equipment). Just to mention, a month ago, there was an update from Reiza, for the AMS 2, and came the BMW Procar, I adapted well, despite being rear-wheel drive. I entered an online race at the old Interlagos (despite being Brazilian, I never watched a race, neither at the old, nor at the new circuit), I did a qualifying time, about 3 and a half seconds better (there were about 20 drivers), at the time of I started a little behind, sixth place, but in the first lap, I recovered, I had many accidents, after a few laps I was in first, and in lap 3 or 4, arriving at the retarders who had crashed and stayed behind , I waited for the right moment to pass, and what happens, I was about 8 or 10 seconds in front of the second placed, I made the pit climb very well, I took it to pass before turn 1, and what happens, said driver throws the car on purpose on top of me, the car is all crooked, and gets stuck ...... and in those hours you can see the LEVEL that are right (drivers, people), or they don't know how to lose, or get frustrated by others who walk better, I don't know what happens. I know racing accidents happen, but crashing on purpose ??? That's why I usually, or compete in some offline competition.
I always do things for the challenge of doing it and succeeding on it. Easy wins are good but I prefer tooth and nail scenarios.


I have a weird thing. When I'm winning with ease I usually crap things out and lost the race... Fighting in the middle or in the end of the pack is a lot of fun for me.


Attack Life, its going to Kill you Anyway!
It seems for me the biggest problem is most AI qualify fast and race slow. I dislike playing on a level where I have to fight for last. But winning with ease isn't exactly a great time either. But what frustrates me most is when games only allow easy, normal, hard, and may be very easy. I like games that offer a 0-100 AI adjustment.

But I enjoy it just being able to start mid-pack to last and being in top five with hard-driving w/o a mistake.