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Would you rather have:

  • Alien speed in online races

    Votes: 60 33.7%
  • Super expensive high-end hardware

    Votes: 118 66.3%

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Community Question | Win With Ease, Or Fight For Last?

somewhere in between :)

as a good example even in Single Player in Gran Turismo Sport, you can easily pick a overpowered car and win with ease, but that's not fun at all
you can also take bit of a underdog car, and if you win, you get extra bonus for wining with underpowered car, and that's what I do the most these days, try to get the slowest possible car I can , but still have a chance of win, so that I can maximize my $$$ rewards

definitely sucks to be last, even if you have a hard fight , but yeah, winning with ease is not interesting , unless I'm getting real life money for this , in which case I take that over fighting for last ( like if I was driving for Mercedes F1 for example)
This poll is superfun.

It reminds me of an interview of Sasha Grischuk, the great chess player:
journalist: so a perfect game is a game without mistakes?
Grischuk: no, it's when all mistakes are made by your opponent

Winning with ease is the best thing ever. After the race you can always thank the team and the factory about continuously pushing the limits and say it was harder than it looked.


Assetto Corsa Competizione Club Staff
I'm fighting enough already in a pack. I'd rather win the races with ease as that means I did my homework before an event well. Practicing, preparing setups etc.

Sasha Jednak

Sasa Jednak
My pace doesn't allow easy wins online (working on this one). As for offline, I get bored if I win few races with more than 2-3sec difference. So I choose option 2, although fight in midfield is the best and where I manage to find myself usually.
It's simracing, you get nothing by winning with ease other than thinking you are good at something that doesn't matter.
Personally I think I had 3 or 4 races with easy wins and they all were boring as hell. Made me wish to never be an alien no matter what lol
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As long as I have exciting fights it doesn’t matter to me at which position I’m racing.
I'd rather win the races with ease as that means I did my homework before an event well.
It just means, others didn't make their homework.
A prepared racer will not win with ease against a prepared racer. Exception is, the skillgap is horrendously big, or the cars have major differences by design/balance of performance.
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Alex Harkett

I’m more of a win the race on the first corner kinda guy :roflmao:
Just joking. I like a good fight!
Though I just started the Paul Ricard 6hr race on ACC and legitimately went from 6th to first at the first corner :confused: - just under 6 hours to go!

I have no problem with winning easily if it’s against real people rather than AI haha.
Being miles ahead is boring, same for being miles behind. The best races I've had were the ones, where there was someone roughly the same skill level as me and we would trade places and battle for many laps. Doesn't matter if we come out on top or somewhere near the botton

UMC 22

Fight to the last. If I want to hotlap without anyone nearby most sims have a practice mode. If I'm online or racing the AI, I want to be racing.


Jon Duds
Rather battle all race long and finish down the order - good to beat the guy you're battling with on the last corner though! lol
That poll is to black and white for me.

Yes, winning with ease can get boring but coming in last every time is frustrating. I am perfectly content with whatever place I get if I feel I've done my best.

A two hour door to door battle is quite unrealistic, though. Todays races are, more often than not, strategic battles. It can be quite satisfying winning on a better strategie as well.

My approach to any sim is to start on an easy level to gain experience and understand the game. Then raising the difficulty gradually until I can't win. At that point I only raise it after a win again.

I don't go online because no matter how many hours I've played a sim the moment I do everyone is 5 secs faster.

Ryan Soucy

It's not as if a giant win comes easy. Its a confluence of preparation, focus, and skill. My best race was in the DRM Revival cars at the Norisring where I got to the front and just entered "the zone". I never looked at the gap behind, just kept attacking the track taking off tenth after tenth. When I finally "woke up" I was half a lap ahead. I won with ease, but it was not "easy".


One in six of the votes has gone to "win with ease" - that's far more than I expected.
On the rare occasions when I've won with ease, I simply haven't enjoyed it.
I'm in the middle, I want to be scrapping mid pack. For every GTR2 track I downloaded back in the day I spent ages tweaking the Ai values so I had a damn hard fight mid pack on 95%, I used to love following a Ferrrari.