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Community Question | Strangest Bug You Have Seen In Sim Racing?

Durge Driven

Jun 17, 2017
@Durge_driven : is that Eifel track for Rfactor / GTR 2 ? Nice to see it still being raced on after all these years :)

Bjorn - Creator of Eifel track
Sorry missed that
historical street feel especially
Those shots were taken during testing of 700+ tracks can accommodate 100 car field for sprint race fun
Unfortunately it failed both standing and rolling starts as you can see :(

The real tragedy was later I realized i should have tested all the tracks and layouts that failed 100 cars to find the max number they could do as many were well above 60 cars ...doh :(

Very much like 100 car sprints with no pits and start from back and you get to see many skins
at one time to admire