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Community Question | Strangest Bug You Have Seen In Sim Racing?

Of course there have been different glitches that produce weird results but most interesting non-bug thing was a drone with lights in the middle of the road at night stage on DiRT Rally 2.0. I was driving with VR and my heart really skipped a beat, it looked like an angel of doom. It took a second to continue driving again.
No I dont't remember the GT4, But I know the RallyX cars in iRacing flip on the side if you turn and they never bothered to fix this although the alleged millions of dollars they make.
feels like when your driving your car have no weight they still dont fix that. you get info from the rear and the front but your chassis and you weight is just no there


Best Bug Ever ........... GTR2 100 car racing
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Did you notice the North Korean fans on the right?



This was allmost 10 years ago. I know what was coursing it. A bug in the nVidia graphics driver in combination with a mod and track in rFactor which uses a lot of memory. Was solved after installing a driver update.
I think it's an early version of Pay-per-View encryption. ;)
rF2 still has an issue where, if you're in VR and go to replay, the cars fly above and below the track. If you exit out of the game and exit VR, restart the game and go back to the replay, the cars are back on the track as they should be. It's a minor issue, but a pain until I understood the problem. And I love rF2.
strange I fully expected this to be only about PCars 1+2 with indepth analysis of the exact nature of the bugs and for every other game to be bug free....But I'm confronted by problems in other sims, many lauded as perfect? whazgoingon?

i.e. all sims have problems/bugs, no sim is perfect. :)

Luckily I've yet to come across anything really bad as mentioned in the thread and YES I played PC and PC2!!

Dan Costa

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Asking this question in Sim Racing is the same as asking which grain of sand stands out in the entire beach.