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Community Question | Strangest Bug You Have Seen In Sim Racing?

My strange bug/glitch in f1 2020 my team career i was leading a race toward the end of a grand prix and i started to lap some backmarkers, and after i crossed the line i was down in 21st 1 lap down when i was leading the whole race.

A strange but funny bug in rFactor (the old one) which I've only seen with the Rotax Max Challenge mod, not (yet) with other mod's. After the race one or two AI karts start to drive without the driver. I've seen it multiple times, most of the time on tracks I have created myself and only once on somebody else's track. I have no idea what is coursing it. In the Rotax Max Challenge mod the drivers are removed from all karts after the race (which is not a strange thing to me) but if an AI kart decides to do a couple more laps on the track, it is without a driver, and that is what you see in the video. I discovered this week, on this track and with this mod, it is always the same kart who will do the laps after the race.

It is not bothering me, only a funny thing to see. Maybe somebody is experimenting with self driving karts?

This was allmost 10 years ago. I know what was coursing it. A bug in the nVidia graphics driver in combination with a mod and track in rFactor which uses a lot of memory. Was solved after installing a driver update.
When driving in a sim every day, much chance to see a bug, so I could make a long list, but the strangest bug I have seen was in Codemasters DTM race driver 3 (also known as Toca racing driver). The replay directly after a race was ok, but closing the game, starting the game again and then looking at the replay, it looked like the car was doing a lap on an entirely different track, so making a complete mess of it, with driving into the guardrails all the time and destroy the car completely. I have no video of it.


Live For Speed in some build sometimes had a bug where on a server on track change it only changed the track for like half the grid, the other half stayed on what was previously run. But it send your car's position to the server and every user regardless, and depending on the resulting combination of tracks it could happen that like half the grid was suddenly barreling down on you from a random hill or tree.

With AC and modding, messing up the scale of an object is always funny. Suddenly lollipop guy being 200 meters tall.
In Gran Turismo 5 (not full sim, I know but still) I had a funny incident while racing online. First, we were racing old Fiat 500s and then we switched to some much quicker cars, however the guy behind me was still in the Fiat, so I was driving what I think was some race version of Skyline R34 (I can't remember, it was years ago) with this little Fiat right behind me because the car still had specs of what it was supposed to be. I thought it was pretty funny, made me chuckle.

Paul Glover

RaceDepartment Social Media Manager & Podcast Host
Formula one 97 released on the Playstation, if my memory serves me correctly they forgot a fuel indicator so you could run out of fuel during the race.

Back in those days consoles were not connected to the internet, so no patches!

Anyone else recall this?
The question was about strange bugs in sim racing and half the comments are just mindless hating on Project Cars games, not even mentioning ANY bugs related to them. I don't know what's going on with this community. I wouldn't call it a "sim racing community" anymore, just a PCars hate group. This is so sad....

Well, its not only a Project cars hate group;) A lot of people in here hate every sim and I agree...RD Community is salty as f..k. Its really sad but it is what it is;)
Best Bug Ever ........... GTR2 100 car racing

(Sorry of topic) Yeah with the current speed of PC's you can easily run a 100+ grid on GTR2 now. Ok, it doesn't look as good as modern sims but it's the nearest you'd get to something like a VLN type experience.

I don't remember too many bad bugs in games, the only issue I've had online is the collision detection in Assetto Corsa (which I think was fixed ages ago). I just remember getting near to another car and then seeing it fly off the track....to be followed with rants on the headphones about who hit them! lol :)