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Community Question | How Often Do You Race?

Every day, at the end of the day, to get my head empty by concentrating on the racing. Works for me to sleep well.

And racing with my son (we have two simulators) once a week to every day, depending on the time of the year, more often when he needs to practice for real life karting. And yes, he is faster than me, much faster. :)
Enthusiast level with a family. Had been on a pattern of 2-online races per week over about 2-3 days of seat time with hours of practicing (iRacing & VRS). Honestly it became a bit too much like 'work' keeping up with the official series weekly schedule. Wasn't enjoying it as much as I imagined I would.

Was interesting experience seeing how the iRating system is like a carrot on a robotic stick and you become the rabbit. Leveling up leads to more time spent maintaining it and even more time when online races end up with your ranking going backwards, often to no fault of your own. Not everyone spent hours practicing and refining their lines and don't care if they send it on top of you. My rig started to become almost like a slot machine with a steering wheel. The gamble game of just one more race 'hopefully this one will go well' until too often it doesn't. Dust off & repeat.

Solution? 1. More casual games other than racing! 2. If racing, now appreciating those with a well-sorted offline experience. More fun, less stress, less demands on time.
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I have too little time definitely, I race a little, but mostly do hotlapping and rally.

I recently renovated our attic for two rooms for the kids. Within a week my kids are very used to their new rooms - basically when they come home they go to their rooms. Suddenly it's very quiet downstairs... I clearly can now use more time for simracing even when kids are not in bed (which was the previous deal).
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Newbie here! Bought a wheel 6 weeks ago and I've been praticing average 2 hours / day every day since. I did 1 day break so far. :)
My turn... emm i have a wife and kids and a fulltime job too (no pets :p) so my time is also limited.

Check this out:
My wife quit after 7 years, so now: Divorced, no kids, two cats, full-time worker. Under Irish lockdown = No presencial social life.
The now ex-wife is still my housemate, each one on his room, she plays on her Switch on the living and I'm on a racing binge on my room. Working fine so far :D
I race most days and yet I still am nowhere near the level of the freak aliens haha. I am generally happy if I can match real world times in an equivalent cars.