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Community Question | How Often Do You Race?


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A lot !! since I work from home there is actually no delay between the time I quit and the time I get in my racing rig :inlove:
Average of 2 hours, five days per week. As I can't commit a certain time of day I'm just racing AI, so the quality of AI and customized championship options are important to me. As far as settings, given my limited time I only make minor adjustments and most of them are suggested by forum members.
There needs to be an option of "not often enough." I answered once a week but that is generous with my availability to race. Lately the only race I've had time for is the Dirt Rally 2.0 championship that has started up again. Someday I will have enough time again to race other people.

Speaking of this subject we need more US race clubs!

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When I'm in a league, it's an hour or so for a race and an hour or so to prep for each race. I can reliably get on 3-4 nights/week if I want to. But I also have other stuff going on and I enjoy some other games too. For example, I finally finished Doom Eternal, which I enjoyed quite a bit.

I do really enjoy it, but I find that after a couple of hours I've had enough. Maybe that's also because I only race in VR, so I get pretty warm and tired.


I haven't raced yet in 2020, might have done a few in late 2019. I just don't have a pvp spirit. Hotlapping's more my thing if anything.
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Almost every day: iRacing Monday/Tuesday/Friday and some Sunday evenings. ACC Wednesday. rF2 and RRE on weekends. Typically 60-90 minute races each night.
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Friday night is movie time with my wife, Saturday and/or Sunday night after my children go to bed is my hot lapping and race the AI time. About 3 - 4 hours each time, juggling between AMS2, rF2, AC and ACC.

Checking for news and new mods on GTP, RD, Bsimracing and somewhere else: Everyday even at work :laugh:
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I try to hop in nearly every day even if it's just for 10-15 mins (and not always sims but also old arcade titles like Sega Rally); plus teaching from home this year allows me to get that done more frequently than ever before (more like 1 hour/day minimum these days), but before that It'd be about 4 - 5 days/week. Married with no kids, so that helps lol


Interesting thread, I always feel like I barely get any seat time relative to most simmers, so it's good to read I'm not the only one. I work full time and am married, but no kids. I have agreed 'gaming nights' on Tue/Thu/Sun, so I get to be on from 7-8pm ish until whenever I start falling asleep. That covers all my gaming though so only part of it is at the wheel. It makes iRacing very difficult as often I can only fit in 1 scheduled race in an evening, meaning 3 per week, and if I get punted out of at least one, it becomes very depressing!
I used to drive an hour per day hot lapping with different cars & tracks and did a longer race on weekends.
Now it's probably 3 times per week on average since I do other things besides racing, too.

Yeah, shame on me. :laugh: