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Community Question | How Often Do You Race?

Online maybe two or three races in 2020. Offline once or twice per month. I don't race very often currently, too many other games and things to do. Sometimes i just drive a few laps to test something new, but i wouldn't call that racing.
I tend to get on my rig most nights, Do some hot-lapping (AC/ACC) on a circuit for 20 minutes and then a short format race. Then maybe jump online with Wreckfest to see how badly behaved the Sydney server is...
Unfortunately juist once per week - I get no satisfaction out of racing with random people or I'd race every day, I do at least do some practice every day for the weekend race which is often with some of the people I'm racing against.
voted for once per week.
Only counting online races 1h+
There are a lot more hours i spend in practice and tuning for this races.
That's a very, very, very variable factor here, I really had dificulties chosing a vote.

Voted three days at week but could as well be three times a day or three times a month.
Before girlfriends, wifes and kids, etc., i.e. for me during the 80ies and 90ies, I think at least five of the weeks seven days a week for "sim" racing, besides bike riding and rowing on a semi-skilled level.

If I was 20-30 years younger, it would definately be five-six days a week. Just for my present offline racing content I have for several lives.

Three weeks ago I re-opened my iRacing account after ten years of hibernation (or rather opened a new one) as well as well as I begun ACC CP and rF2 online racing during late spring this year.
But more and more realizing that you have to set aside time for training too, doing online racing on a more serious competition level. And quite often that part does not merge into a higher entity with a family life and other interests, I'm afraid.

And now remember why I left Formula Simracing online simracing league back in 2003, settling for offline racing. Here GTR2 'save' button is a major advantage, e.g. participating in a 24 hour series setup by your own. Yes, had a Le Mans offline GTR2 competition with +90 cars lasting two weeks ;)

But yes, I think three times a week now is a very rough estimate, varying a lot. In the time I'm writing this post, I haven't raced for 11 days, but knowing I'll be racing the next couple of days consecusively, maybe even four days straight, if I'm very lucky.

So yes for online racing in iRacing, ACC CP and rF2 I'm typically the one just bumping in for short practise and qual in unfamilar car/track before race, improving my driving during the race. Helps me in semi endurance series, i.e. 45-80 mins or so, and I have fun with it, so it's OK for me :) I've long time accepted that I don't have the practise time for being a top driver.

Edit: I count every second as 'racing' right from I click the startup button for a sim game, nomatter if it's practice, offline AI racing, online racing or just cruising (I've done that part a lot the in AC classic mods the later years, just to get the road feeling of driving exceptional classic cars), since I know it's my family and friends counting method :D
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Since rediscovering GPL I try and do one race a night, but its tough and balancing a lot of things. Housework, cooking, dishwashing, and can't forget guitar practice, along with family and work.
Never thought GPL would be back in my life, but even with AC and Automobilista. the AI in GPL always is a blast, and there so quick. Jim Clark has most of the records and I'm always trying to shave some time off of those when I can as well.
minimum 4 times a week, 1 day each week on my dirt (motocross ) bike 450kxf and 3 times a week in games, like f1, nascar and motogp / mxgp:p ( so if it is in real life then once )
I honestly am lucky to race once a month. I have a habit of being more in to collecting cars than racing, and that is partially do to the effort required to setup a decent race :roflmao:

I always mean to setup a dedicated install for sims for racing, but despite having atleast 10 sims I barely drive any of them. Half the time I get tired of the setup required to get a race tailored to my liking, and just wish that more sims could have a full series worth of cars out of the box I could just plug and play with.

It would help if a sim had a GT/Forza style career, or even something along the lines of the TOCA Race driver series. Would give me direction and a goal to chase rather then aimlessly trying to set up some sort of meaningful progression to keep me hooked, cobbling together different mods to create something actually enjoyable.
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Right now, less than once per week. More into aviation these days. I keep changing (some weeks are for flying, others for racing - and then some for FPS/Naval). May pass a month or two between changes, though. I want it all. :)
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Simply not enough.

But it is always a pleasure. I love it.

The fact is that i have another passion which is vintage bicycle. And as currently have some work with them which are very time consuming
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Nothing like as much as I would like.
Lots to keep me busy and I only started gaming of any sort in May.
Edit/produce a bi-monthly car club magazine.
Edit/produce the programme for a local football team (UK)
Try to create a pop/rock podcast once or twice a month.
And work of course... :D

But retiring at the end of January 2021 so that will free up a lot of time :)