Can't get onto a specific server

Hey, I want to join a server for a event on this weekend. This issue is known almost 2 weeks. The host said that he did everything he could and I should search for the problem on my site.
If I load the cars the loading screen stops after the last car and shows me "unexpected error". If I press ok the loading screens disappears and I get the next error message as shown in the picture. I can join every other server and even the Formula 3 Server of the same event. Has someone a clue whats wrong?


Im almost positive the cars wont even load if its a password only server. Ive seen this issue many times and have had it myself. I dont think ive seen a sure solution yet tho.
Michael Krone hört sich nach einem deutschen Namen an?
Also ich hatte exakt dieses Problem, wollte bei einem Freund joinen. Aber im Content Manager hatte ich das PW für den Server nicht eingetragen/ vergessen. Daher war das meine Vermutung. Oder die "Cars" sind nicht identisch. Dann passt da was nicht, und du kannst nicht joinen. Auch schon da gewesen (bei mir!).